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    Default Workers Compensation Settlement Amounts

    from 23 foot fall last winter. My $400 checks will now stop and with the restrictions they gave me, I am no longer an ironworker. Living in Tennessee, does anyone have a ballpark idea of what type of settlement they will offer? Is 10,000 a possibility or just wishful thinking?

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    mm Guest


    10,000. wishful thinking? That's a really low number you have an attorney?

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    henry Guest


    I agree with are talking about 6 months pay @ the $400 rate. What about your future, perhaps your lifetime? What about loss of employee benefits and future wage loss due to your restrictions? What about future medical?

    Give it serious thought........$10,000 will not pay the medical for one hospital stay.

    Good Luck.

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    knowknees Guest


    You should be expecting a knock at your door any minute now. It will be the ICs Claims Adjuster with a check book in hand, geeze....Greg

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    ironworker Guest


    Hired an attorney. I can't believe the numbers he is talking. Enough to get my AS degree in Construction so I can use my brain instead of my back plus pay my bills while I am doing it. Funny how God can make lemonade out of lemons. Yesterday I was just happy I didn't die, today I actually have some hope for the future.

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    knowknees Guest


    A bit of caution. Your journey has just begun. You will encounter quite a few seeds in your glass before you get pure lemonade. IMO you made your 1st wise move by hiring an Attorney...Greg

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    Default Re: Workers Compensation Settlement Amounts

    is there anyone out there who may help me understand what type of dollars do a rating of 12% to upper extremity: 7% whole body mean

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    Default Re: Workers Compensation Settlement Amounts

    you should start your own thread rather then take over this one.
    you can try the tennesse website

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