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    newtoaz Guest

    Default Getting A Lump Sum Settlement Even If You Return To Work

    I have been a worker's comp victim for 8 weeks now and I have no idea how any of you are sane at all that go on for months and even years. My heart breaks for all of you.

    I was hospitalized, now am in Physical therapy 3x week and they have found a blood clot under my retina - my humerous is broken in 5 places - no surgery yet, but bone not healing properly.

    Have lawyer, who is pursuing a 3rd party claim against the person/company that left large piece of equipment at bottom of blind stairwell - I fell over it.

    My company immediately accepted it as a worker's compensation claim and have told me not to worry about my job, but they are not calling me to see how I'm doing either. I'm leaving updates to them weekly.

    Does workers compensation make some kind of lump sum settlement with the injured worker even if they return to work? I don't know what's happening or what is supposed to happen. I return to the eye doctor june 20th. I don't know what all these initials mean that you guys are using - what's an IME? some of them I can figure out. What else should I be doing? The depression and ruined financial life - being a prisoner in my own apartment (family all out of state) and not being able to drive is making me an anxiety ridden crying babbling idiot. I previously had a 2003 Mountaineer that was leased. It had to be turned in 2 days after my accident as I was at the end of my lease - now I can't get another car because I can't even show income! Just seeing others that are "losing it", too is some comfort, this has been by far one of the worst experiences of my life. If it wasn't for the private nurses that come for 3 hours a day I'd have very little in person contact - other than the computer and the phone. I can't even comb my hair unless they are here or take a bath because my right (dominant) arm is of course the one broken. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it. Like how do you deal with paying bills when there just isn't enough money to go around? What the heck do you do??

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    mykidsmom3 Guest


    I am not sure what state you are from but please get a lawyer in MN thier is no cost to you and they will help you sort through all the crap . Its does not matter that you fell over the equipment you need help ...a lawyer will come to you as well if you can not get out ......I hopes this helps and god bless my prayers are with you...Please get a lawyer today they will get you all the help you need and more

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    undercovrangel Guest


    It looks like you are in the state of Arizona. Here is a sight that will help you begin learning the work comp rules for your state.

    If I am wrong about the state that you live in please let me know and I will get you the info for your state. You should be receiving some type of TTD (temporary total disability) payments through the IC (insurance company) if you are unable to work. Has your Dr taken you off work completely ?? You should be able to collect these funds from the date that you were injured if you have been off work for any time.

    IME's (independent medical examiner) are used to see just how injured you really are and generally aren't called upon until you have been given time to get treatment and heal from your injury.

    Depending upon what your final MMI (maximum medical improvement) is, and this is decided when there is no more chance that you will heal any further, you could receive a settlement at the end of your case. It will all depend upon a rating that will be given to you by an IME.

    If you are NOT receiving any monies from the IC, I would call them and find out why. And if you can't get answers from them, then it is time to go and get a good WC attorney. He/she can get the ball rolling on getting your TTD started, as well as help you get the medical treatment that you should be receiving.

    Keep track of any and all exspenses that you incur out of pocket during this case. Whether it be transportation to and from Dr's office, to pharmacy to pick up prescriptions... you are to be reimbursed for these expenses. Also, make sure that you have copies of all medical files so far and that you get copies of what transpires each time that you see a Dr. It may not seem important right now, but down the road, these papers may be some of the most important of your life.

    Come back and let us know what state you are in so that we can give you proper information in regards to your case.

    Angel ^i^

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    newtoaz Guest


    I am in Arizona and I really appreciate the response. I have a lawyer from one of the "big firms" and I don't think they would have taken the case if they didn't think there was some money in it for them, and I am receiving checks from the insurance company, but it is a far cry from actual living expenses. I am creating a "form letter" for my creditors and hopefully they'll cut me some slack, but probably not. So the way I see this is 1st, you get injured and are messed up physically and mentally, then you are xxxxed financially, then you can just lose your home, car, etc.? My health insurance from my job had not "kicked in" yet so I don't have that - I better not get the flu or anything! I have asthma and cannot pay for my medications, which are running out. My family does not have a lot of money so I really don't know what to do and everyone just sort of shrugs their shoulders. The fear for the future just wells up in my stomach every day and my main function is keeping it at bay to not do anything drastic. I am terrified. Thank you all for your responses.

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    mikey Guest


    Try to hang in there Newtoaz. Things will get better. You might not think so right now but I promise it will. You need to realize the IC drags everything out. You will get taken care of as long as you hired a lawyer. Also like you said if the lawyer takes your case it means he see's some $$$$ from your case. So take a deep breath and and dont worry , things will get better I promise.

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    mj Guest



    I am in CT and my attorney keeps saying by the end of my third party she will have me moved to AZ. I have a lung injury do to chemical exposure at work and the humidity, and moisture out here is killing me. But you need to hold tight its a long rough road ahead. I am going on a year and a half and my third party suit is just starting.

    We all have been through any and every emotion possible and somehow we all seem to pull through it. Talking with people on this board probably saved my life. So when things get really hard remember you have friends here.

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    newtoaz Guest



    THANK YOU all for responding. I am trying really hard to keep positive and work through this. Keeping the anxiety at bay everyday is the hardest I think. Doctor prescribed a bone stimulator to help heal the fracture, which is not
    healing as fast as it should, I guess. Knowing there are others out there that have it as bad and more likely, worse, is helpful - but a sad state of affairs. Thank you all again!

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    cew Guest


    If you mean your ER takes responsibility, because they filled out paperwork for wc, that just seems to be the first step they have to take legally. But they will try anything to prove they were not at fault. At least that has been my experience. I also fell at work, they filled out paperwork, paid for 6 months of physical therapy, med. and dr. appt. then when it came down to I needed surgery, they stopped benefits and declined surgery. Trying to claim these injuries are not their responsibility. They even have my accident on a security tape. Eventually it will be proven it is their fault, but in the meantime you sit in pain because you need surgery.
    (They dug something out of my personnel file, a note from my dr. last year excusing me from 5 days of work. My lower back was bothering me from an accident 4 yrs ago. Not work related)
    The fall at work now, injured almost everything but my lower back. So now its just a waiting game until the IC looks at everything and approves my surgery. Same as you, my ER called me twice in 6 months.(I worked there 6 yrs and thought we were friends) Pain from the accident is awful, but the sitting around waiting is mental torture, for which we should be compensated for as well!

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    cmj Guest


    When I was trying to get my surgery WC did the same thing. Said I had something wrong before. What it comes down to is this. If it wasn't bothering you when you got hurt it's not as they say Pre existing. After the a "fall/accident" things got out of wack and now surgery is necessary. They are responsible. That's sort of how my lawyers attacked WC. She had a list of things that WC had to address and they didn't. WC had excuses.

    My attorney basically won the arguement especially when she told them we would see them in court. Two days before the court date WC agreed to take care of all medical necessary.

    Patience and a good sense of humor is a must. Keep in touch with your attorneys. Tell them everything. Communication is the key. If you have a question ask your attorney. No question is stupid. Remember, you're paying them.

    Man, I wish this had spell check.

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    knowknees Guest


    Go to www.ieSpell You can download spell checker for your personal use, as a tool...Greg

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