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    darrell Guest



    I worked for a medical company that moved medical chairs and delivered them to homes. I fell and severly hurt my back/left leg. My doctor diagnosed me with Piriformis Syndrome after the MRI results.

    I have been off work since febuary and the insurance company who was paying me cancled my pay after they got my MRI results. They said they feel my injury wasnt related to my fall and i should have been healed by now. This was the end of march this happened. I have not SEEN A PENNY SINCE MARCH.

    I have lost my home, all my belongings in my home including furniture and whatever did not fit in my car and my debt has accumulated to now thoiusands of dolalrs because of no pay and not being able to work. The docotr i am seeing is clearly stating "remain off work" and i even told him my situation and he clearly put in his notes "this injury was related to his fall!" The insurance company still refuses to pay me but their paying my medical everytime i see him.

    I have a claim with the VA workmans comp commission. My lawyer stated my hearing wont be until august. What am i supposed to do until then?

    I am compeltely depleted of funds.. no way to pay any bills, gas, food(just got on food stamps, but still is not enough), and everything else i need to survive. I have lsot my license because of me not being able to get my car registered with NO MONEY and got a ticket from it and it has suspended my license because of no pay. My life feels like its over.

    Please, tell me what else i can do, if anything. What can i do to make the insurance company pay me? Im helpless and my credit is completely ruined.

    What can i do?

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    mj Guest



    I dont know what state your in but I would get a lawyer and fast. Most Workers Comp. Lawyers do not request anything up front. Sounds like you are going to really need one.

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    darrell Guest


    I got a lawyer, but he states my hearing my not be until august. I cannot survive that long with not a single penny to my name.

    I am in Virginia

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    darrell Guest


    Can somebody please give me any words of advice? What to do? I feel so hopeless and feel like my life is compeltely over..

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    pooh Guest



    the only thing I can tell you is to check with your church, salvation army, etc. See if there is any way they can help you out.

    Some states don't offer expidited hearings to restart TTD - this is something you can talk to your attorney about. August may be the soonest you get to court even with an expidited hearing.

    However, there are many agencies in your area that may be willing to help with daily living expenses. As for bills, mtg, credit cards, car, loans, - check with them to see if you have credit disability - if you do - get the paperwork to file for the credit disability. This will make your payments for you while you are off work.

    Also check with your employer - see if you have short or long term disability. Some policies don't care if you have a job related injury - something to check into - if you do and they don't exclude On the job injuries- then again - get the paperwork and apply for that.

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    darrell Guest


    My lawyer is confused on why all my medical is being paid, but my paychecks are not.

    As for credit disability, i dont have any of that.. didnt know it existed. Cant apply for any of it because im already injured.

    I dont know what to do anymore...

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    mm Guest


    If your lawyer is "confused" on why all your medical is being paid, but your not receiving any TTD...ummmmm, I'd get a new lawyer. Sounds like he's playing dumb to me, or that he is actually "ignorant" of the WC process, which may be the case. Lawyers that handle WC cases usually specialize in Workmans Compensation and usually all that they do. They are usually very knowledgable with laws and regulations. I would expect that he could in fact expedite a hearing concerning your payments earlier than August.
    You gotta hang in there Darrell, I know it's hard, but try your best. We have all had to reach out and ask for help when we really didn't want to, but just absolutely had to. Prayers your way.

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    darrell Guest


    Thanks MM,

    At time i feel like my lawyer doesnt do anything and forgets about me. For example.. ive called him once a week (i read in a forum that once a week is enough) and he forgets who i am. He asks me each time "are they still paying you" and ive told him many many times the day i emt him that im not being paid. Whats the deal? He said hes dealing with getting all the medical papers in and takes time and says the hearing wont be until august.

    Also, i called the WC commision and they said the letter and file that my lawyer sent them didnt state which benefits im looking for so they had to mail it back to him. I think hes hiding this from me.. I dont know if its better to get another layer and make this WC process last even longer, or just wait it out with my current one.

    What do you guys think?

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    maria Guest


    Could be your lawyer is "confused" because it is clear you should be getting paid TTD and only medical is being paid.

    If he said he has to get medical "papers" together, this means he doesn't necessarily have the doctor's reports that say you are still TTD. He can't go to court without evidence. This means he has to call your doctors to get reports sent to him. Then he can look them over, then request a hearing. If you have a copy of these reports, give them to your attorney.

    You are probably one of several hundred clients. He has to make a living.

    If you are calling your attorney once a week you are a PITA to him. I'm not saying your wrong, if you have issues you need addressed, you call him. But anyone who calls every week is seen as calling just to be calling.

    Attorneys deal with paper better than phone calls. Instead of calling. Write a letter. Lay out each of your concerns very succinctly:

    1) I am not being paid TTD.
    2) Dr. Smith says I am TTD. (see enclosed)
    3) Dr. Smith prescribed ABC med and the IC has not authorized (see enclosed).

    Please help.


    Not only will your attorney respond better to writing, you will have a paper trail when and if you need to prove his lack of professionalism.

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    darrell Guest


    Thanks Maria,

    its a good idea to write a letter. Maybe ill get answers better.

    I also have a question. Has anyone ever heard of piriformis syndrome? Been trying to look it up online and all the descriptions are very similar, but its to old people. Not 22 yr old.

    The doctor I currently have beleives I am in a lot of pain, but when he refers me to different doctors for other opinions it feels like those doctors are looking at me like i lie about my pain.

    One of the doctors he refered me to for possible surgery said he doesnt beleive in piriformis syndrome and says my MRI results isnt the cause of my pain even though my MRI clearly shows my piriformis muscle damaged and not healing.

    Sometimes I have a feeling that im looked down on a lot from doctors like im faking my pain jsut to not work. Im sure a lot of people feel that way but its not the case for me.. Ive always wanted to be a cop all my life and now i cant even run.. people think i want this? Im very irritated with a lot of peoples remarks and yes i understand a lot of young guys fake a lot of WC jsut to not work. I jsut wish people wouldnt look at me like this.. it really bothers me when all i want is to be able to do stuff i did normally.

    Does anyone know anything about piriformis syndrome? Any health pros here ? Im having a ton of pain in my left buttocks area (where i fell down the stairs) and have a really ahrd time leaning any sort of weight on my left leg, so i have a limp when i walk.

    It just feels like its one of those ehalth things that is ahrd to prove and is based on opinions and sems like its going to be hard to prove in court.

    Any comments?

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