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    Default First Comp Hearing

    My hearing is coming up soon.What all happens? Do I go to this also.Do they question me? Do I get to tell my story,etc

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    What kind of hearing? Do you have an Attorney? What does your notice say? What state do you live in? People need more information to try and help you.

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    I did not get the notice yet.The hearing WAS for PPD and lost wages.But since we applied for the hearing last July,things changed for the worst.I once again lost all the range in the arm,basiclly back where I started 5 years ago.But I do have a doctor who says he can help me now.Im in Wisconsin.Any ideas what Im up agaist?

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    The hearing was/is for PPD and lost wages. I assume you have already been declared MMI. So you/your Attorney attend the hearing and ask for a continuance. You then go to you or your Attorneys Dr. of choice to be re-rated. More time and frustration added to your claim. If your health has deteriorated to a point "South" that it likely would be monetarily beneficial, it could very well be worth the added headache. Get on board with your Attorney and new 'Doc' and don't settle for anything until you have become, as close to as possible medically, to 100% of what you were pre-injury. It would be ludicrous to settle on a PD if that PD has worsened and not gone to trial, or you've not been re-rated or compensated yet.

    Have you started a new job? The reason I ask, is you may be stuck with what you have. PD rating..Greg

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    Angry Re: First comp hearing

    Everything was going fine. I was receiving my benefits for going on over a year. No end of healing or disability rating yet(if any to be). Then my employer decides to dispute my whole claim, asks for this hearing. Keep in mind that my employer did not have WC insurance either. I was being covered by the state (UEF). When he submitted his dispute (asking for the hearing) to WC, WC decided to have me see an IME. Yes there was much bogus crap in his report and you'd even could go as far as saying that WC told the IME what they wanted to see in that report. It looked like a setup. When WC got a copy back to WC from the IME my benefits were cut off just like that. Now, here we are a year later and the employer doesnt show. There was an attorney there to represent WC though. Now, what really gets my "goat", is that the attorney for WC was not prepared. WC attorney told the ALJ that they were relying on the employer to bring in the evidence he had (whatever it was) to prove his case which would then disprove my case. Well???????? This is what happened. The ALJ said: I cant rule on this hearing, I wont even open it up because it would considered to (1) sided as far as evidence entered for decision making. So you know what the ALJ does at my expense? He says to the WC attorney, well now you will have to supeona your witness (employer) which is assumed to be hostile at this point. NOT FAIR!!! I was there with my attorney and prepared, submitted our evidence in time. Why shouldnt they(WC)? Now I have to wait for another hearing. What another year or more? My case is already 2.5 years old and I am still treating but the bills are not getting paid. I am so angry and frustrated. Nothing like one state agency protecting another state agency. Thats what I see.

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