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    d. Guest

    Default Second IME, Same Doctor, Same Result

    I had a second IME with the insurance Co. They set me up with the same idiot and without suprise he gave me a simular evaluation as the first.

    My lower L-4 L-5 S-1 are herniated and bulging with anular tears. I had a consultation with a spine specialist a couple of days ago and he insists that what now needs to take place is spinal surgery. He suggested a 2 level fusion with a possible disc replacment.

    This QUACK of an IME doctor said yesterday that I need to turn away running and screaming from this surgery. He stated that the majority of my problem with my injury is mental and that I need to take anti-depressents? What the F!!! ! I tried my best to keep a straight face but instead turned to him and said " that's why your a insurance robo-doc & he's a spine specialist, I think I'll take his advice there crazy man" !

    My question is, do think his suggestions are so that the insur. does not have to pay the bill for the surgery? Thanks Forum

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    knowknees Guest


    Self-explanatory. Yes. Ask the IME, "What is your SPECIALTY?" He specializes in gathering medical facts, even myths and puts his "SPIN" on whats best for you and the IC. Get it?...Greg

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    knowknees Guest


    These guys (IMEs) are good. They are often called in for expert testimony, on either sides behalf. They also are quite familiar with law. You have an un-biased surgeon that specializes in back surgery, I'd take his advice. Words of caution. You also must consider that any surgeon may be out just to make a fast buck. (IMO) I'd find a reputable surgeon who knows nothing about it being a W/C injury and get my own IME. Might cost 200$ + X-Rays (Or gather whatever you already have X-Rays, MRI's) for an honest to goodness opinion. TO ME THATS AN IME...Greg

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    cmj Guest


    Get a second surgical opinion. Most neuro surgeons try everything before they do surgery. From what I understand about the disc replacement (which I'm a canditate for) is good for "one" disc only. Most surgeons do not like to fuse the lower spine. I've been told it could be more painful.

    Have you had a disc-o-gram? It is very painful but it shows the condition of the disc/s you are having problems with. In my case it showed one was almost split in half and cracks all around it. What the doctor does is induce pain. Yes, it does hurt, a lot. I'm not sure but I think dye is injected. This will show the problems of the disc.

    Once you find out if the disc is torn, cracks or anything else a procedure called an IDET is done. Yes, this hurts too. In this case a coil is inserted around the disc (doesn't hurt). The coil is heated to over 200 degrees (does hurt, lots of preasure). The disc melts like you would melt cheese in a microwave. Thing is...... it takes 9 months for the disc to cool or harden back to normal. The disc is suppose to seat itself back in place. I would imagine it works in most cases. It helped me a little. You do have to do exactly what the doctor says after a treatment like this. When he tells you NO SITTING for more then 10 minutes.... you don't sit for more then 10 minutes. Reclining is your best bet in the long run. Follow all directions. You are dealing with your spine.

    I happen to have a wonderful neuro surgeon. One I can trust and looks out for "my" well being. You need to find one. Word of mouth is very helpful. I've also had a disc-ectomey. Where you take a disc out and replace it with a piece of bone. A plate was also added. This is done in the neck. I've seen many people who had this procedure and all but 2 had my surgeon. Nothing but good things were said and I agreed. The other two? Not so lucky.

    Good luck.

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    d.d. Guest


    Thanks everyone. CMJ I am schedualed this month for that disco gram. I also need to provide another MRI to the surgeon (updated).

    CMJ this all sounds so painful, luckily this is an elective surgery(LOL)> I couldn't imagine having to be forced into something like this.

    I am going to research this doctors surgical past and determine from there along with a second opinion if this is what I want to do. I also need to find out what the negative outcome could be if the surgery does not work. Thanks again everyone.

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    plates/screws Guest


    I have had a disc-ogram and it did hurt like h3ll and @$%*^%$#^&*$#@ and then some but it does tell them you are not lying, and were your pain is coming from if it is a disc problem it helps put the pieces of the puzzel together good luck!! been there done that. later peace out.

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    cmj Guest


    The pain is a lot of preasure. The doctors can't knock you out but they can give you a mild seditive. He/She needs to know what's going on. It doesn't last very long but you think differently when it's happening.... LOL. You will probably need to rest a couple of days after. It just takes a lot out of you. The pain management doctor did my discogram.

    It is interesting to see what they find. I had no idea things like this could happen to discs. The splits and cracks didn't show up in any MRI's (W/out dye or as they call it... contrast) or X-Rays.

    At least you will be prepared. Try to keep a good sense of humor. If he asks how bad it hurts? Just tell him "Jump off the table hurt". See what he/she says to that. Good luck.

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    plates/screws Guest


    I didn't have to tell them jump off the table hurt i just about did my doc. told me if i didn't lay still he would have to stop the test there was a good chance of breaking the needles off in my back, then you have more problems later. peace out!!!!!!!

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    cmj Guest


    You're right. You have to be absolutely still. No way do you want to have any more problems. I was lucky, the needle wasn't killer but the preasure was enough to want to jump off the table.

    I am NOT a fan of needles. Thankfully the doctor always tests the spot he is going to work at. If I feel anything they will add more numbing medicine before starting.

    It's one thing if something foreign entered my body and you can pull it out. It's another thing when someone deliberately does it. It's just not right.... lol. I think the body knows it too!

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    cmj Guest



    Yes, you will have to bring an updated MRI. With any proceedure like this they always want information that is 6 months and newer.

    As much as the disc ogram hurts the test does tell you a lot. Worth doing.

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