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    dave Guest


    i am trying to find info on a dr gerald s. steiman md from columbus. he was hired by an attorney to evaluate my wifes neck and back injuries to testify that her injuries were not caused by the attorneys client, who rearended my wifes car. i would appreciate any info good or bad on him. thanks dave

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    alan Guest


    He is the biggest lieing I.M.E. that I have ever been sent to. Send me an e-mail and I will send you one of his bogus reports and all my rebuttal letters that go with it.

    I enjoyed his exam and lies so well that if they ever send me back to that <FONT COLOR="ff0000">•••••••</FONT>. One of us in the exam room may be needing severe medical attention, and it won&#39;t be me.


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    massrn Guest


    I lodged a complaint against my Impartial doctor, whose report was the only one allowed before the judge, and who basically screwed me and ruined my case.

    It took 6 months and lots of certified mail before I went before the bogus board and had my say. The bogus board decided to take no further action in the matter and filed the complaint, probably in the shredder.

    I still have an ongoing complaint pending with the state board of registration in medicine. I don&#39;t expect them to do diddly either.

    BTW, in the doctor&#39;s response to my complaint, he said that, should my accusations be found to be without merit, he might take &#34;further&#34; action. Stinking B------ thought if he threatened me I&#39;d go away.

    He said in his letter that he and the DIA have enjoyed a good relationship all these however many years. Sure they do; he screws injured workers every day, making the DIA really happy because they get hurting people like myself to settle for nearly nothing just to get treatment. What a farce.

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    p-t Guest


    Ohio hi everyone The Attorney General&#39;s office has access to Ohio BWC files and I called and he explained faster than any other BWC call for help just what was wrong . Major BIG flags XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to a lot of major XXX flags going up if it could go wrong it has. I have been on the receving end of an endless shaft over 4 years &#60;&#60; I was refered to legal counsel

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    mike Guest


    I had a dr say I had a torn rotator cuff or a tear in my peck and I needed an MRI done but I am closterphobic and need to be put under&#40;asleep&#41; and he doesn&#39;t do sadations so now he changed his dianosis to pain syndrome &#40;yeah like its all in my head&#41; and told the wc that I can go back to work. What an idiot

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    henry Guest


    Mike -

    Your claustrophobia should not be a problem because they have OPEN MRIs. Have you doctor refer you to a medical center that has an OPEN MRI.

    Good Luck.

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    fleeta Guest


    i was reading in one of these posts about a rebuttal letter? you can do that? oh my god, i have had dr&#39;s from the opposing side say that they did all kinds of tests,etc. that they didnt do, or say i was faking when i was sitting there in tears,or that my depression was from a bad marriage,my husband has to go on the road 8 mo. out of the year so i am dealing with this all alone,i told my atty, every time i got one of those falseified reports and they said &#34;we will make a note of it&#34; but nothing has ever been said about it in court that i know of.
    the one time my husband was able to go to the dr. w/me he saw how the doc.didnt even touch me yet wrote that he did an extensive exam on me.
    dr.a.e moorad,was his name,dr. jeffery pardee is another ,douglas kaplan,dr,johnson,are some more thres others but i have forgotten their names i can look through my reports though.
    fed up in oklahoma

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    pooh Guest



    Have you ever sent the letters certified to the doctors office - or had someone with you when you went for the exam?

    I had one doctor say he gave me a prescription for medication which he didn&#39;t - and some other things - this was a wc treating doctor - i went through each report and wrote down the inconsistancies that i seen after I got copies of the reports. I also sent copies of the letter to my attorney so they had a copy of what I sent to the doctor. I also ask that they correct the information and send me the corrected reports by such and such a date and that my recollection of the meeting was such - i.e. what I typed.

    If they say that they taped the conversation like many doctors may do so that they can type of notes - then ask have your attorney ask them to produce the tape.

    Also I think if I am correct - in Oklahoma - you are allowed to tape without the other party knowing about - all you need is one party knowing about it. Check with your attorney first on it.

    I know one person who taped an IME doctor who falsified his report and then turned a copy of the tape over to the state attorney general in OK. Not sure what all is going on with that at this time, but it proves there are wc doctors that are just for the IC and not for the IW out there that are appointed by the court system.

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    fleeta Guest


    it just blows my mind how dr.s can treat people,the lawyers, drs and judges are all in cahoots with each other, the first time i went to work comp court i was appalled at how the lawyers just walk the halls,more like slither,and make big deals with each other,my lawyer was talking with one of his cronies about just getting back from cancun and what a wonderful time he had.pi$$ed me off big time, i cant even play with my kids who are 13 and 6,most of my days are spent lying down or crying,my 6 yr old son gets hysterical when i can hardly wake up because all of the meds,he thinks im dead, his tummy hurts alot from him worring about me, he tries to be the little man of the house and puts a wet albeit sopping wet,lol rag on my forehead when the headaches get so bad, i have always been a strong independant woman and now im at w. c mercy,which infuriates me to no end,
    i didnt even know i could do that,send a letter,i thought my lawyer was supposed to handle all that.

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    pooh Guest



    they are your medical records and you were the one that was at the exam not your attorney - if you want to dispute was was wrote - then why would you leave it up to your attorney to dispute it.

    Personally I wouldn&#39;t leave anything that I am disputing that happened during an exam up to my attorney to send out a letter on when I was the one at the exam. I try to take notes as soon as I leave the exam - via tape recording if I can or I scribble something down so I don&#39;t forget when I get home and make a record to the best of my recollection. That way when I get the reports, I can go back to that date and look and see how accurate the report is.

    If I see discrepicencies that&#39;s when I make copies of the report, highlight what is incorrect and write a letter with what my out take from the exam was. Then it is sent to the doctor and a copy is also sent to the attorney for their files. If they do a depo on the doctor later on - either the IC or attorney - they can always address that issue.

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