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    Default Complete ACL, Partial MCL An Torn Menuscus In Fall At Work

    On May 23 of this year I caught my foot in the door threshold at work mopping the office floor and destroyed my left knee. I hired a lawyer and am on restricted work duty. I never missed aday at work even though I certainly was in tremendous pain, thank god because Pinnacle insurance denied my claim because of a error in the ER report. I have had my first court hearing as well as a witness with me when I fell. It has been over 30 days still no anwser to my hearing, waiting for a big ligament replacement surgery. Anyone been through a simalar situation please help? i wonder what the maxium damage will even be? I can't hold my weight on my leg and it hurts all the time.

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    Big ligament replacement? Hamstring or Patella? I've had both. The Patella being the best, more stable of the two. Two many factors play a major role in your recovery to speculate. Your age, weight, activity level, pre-existing conditions, so on and so on. The longer they play the waiting game the more damage you are doing by putting ANY weight on your knee. How so? Meniscus tear could/should worsen by getting fragmented. A Surgeon SHOULD wait until edema (swelling) has receded and proceed with surgery ASAP. If your are trying to walk/work/bare weight, on a torn ACL it's a cocktail for disaster. I would seriously consider talking to your Lawyer to get you totally off that leg until the IC plays their little games. This could come back to haunt you. I tried to do as you are and ended up with BOTH fore mentioned ligament replacements with poor disabling results....Greg

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    Lets be hypothetical with your situation here for a minute. The EXACT same injury as yours occurs at your house, your Private Insurance Company would pay for the PROPER treatment to obtain full recovery. Your ER will make you feel as though your health is their #1 priority and of the gravest of concern. You will spend your vacation time, personal leave time, temporary disability time (If you have it) and eventually FMLA to reach your medical goal. Your Employer would NOT let you step foot on their property UNTIL they received a full release with NO restrictions from YOUR Surgeon/Doctor. Now, as we speak, you would be applying the R.I.C.E. Theory. Rest Ice Compress Elevate....I can't find a place to insert the W. for Work.

    Since you went and done it now, at work, you will be physically punished. Get the IW back to work at this minute on "light-duty." Take it from me there is NO freakin' "light-duty" with your injury. Chalk one up to the good old "W/C System" you are becoming a victim of. DO NOT let them push you to the point of permanent disability. Get this over and done with, with what will be left of your health. Hindsight is 20/20 so keep your guard up...Greg

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    You need to see a doctor Injuied nurse from nebraska here the torn muscles can bring on many more problems like hip pain back pain and dislocation of the knee cap. Think of it this way you are fighting the devil and the more you call your work comp manager of work comp doctor they will have to listen. or go to your employer and voice your opion in a calm manner. many work comps are nasty to work with, and they will delay treatment for as long as possible. I should know injured at work 10-2005 was very passive with work comp and now I have damage that will need surgery. total hip at 42

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