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    nymike Guest

    Default Experiences With Vocational Rehab

    Is going to VESID mandatory by NY comp. and how can getting involved in that system effect your comp.claim and SSD if you apply for that?
    Is VESID essential to any SSD claim you might go for?
    Thanks in advance!

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    cmj Guest


    Voc Rehab is another way WC tries to get you a job. If you find a job that you qualify for you pretty much have to take it unless your doctor/s and attorneys advise not too.

    Once in Voc Rehab you have to do everything they ask. You have to look at all job leads they give you unless you know for sure you are not physically capable of doing the job.

    I hope you have gas money up front because it's a fight to get it back. That's if NY covers gas mileage. Here in NC they do. I did voc rehab for 2 years and it wasn't a good thing for me. Especially when they sent me to department stores, hotels...... all bogus jobs I had to apply for.

    I formally drove trucks and ran heavy equipment. If WC can set you up with some training that may be the way to go. Here they don't retrain you for any jobs.

    Talk to your attorney about this ASAP!

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    nymike Guest


    Thanks CMJ....I was a union pipefitter/welder for 16 years and having someone tell me I need to apply for "bogus" jobs is what I fear the most.
    You can't have someone who was job trained specifically or 5 years for their trade suddenly flipping burgers or whatever.

    Having 2 herniated lumbar discs and 2 herniated cervical discs that the Dr. is recommending surgery for might prevent me from finding any real jobs. I'm putting surgery off for now until I can't take it.
    Thank God for painkillers which I'm not crazy about taking everyday, all day long.
    I definitely don't want someone telling me to go here and there and writing a negative report to whoever that might effect my comp. benefits or eventual settlement.
    I need to speak to my Atty.'s soon before I plunge into it.

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    anon Guest


    Here's the best advice I was given in the bogus job venue:

    When you go to the bogus jobs tell them that you are injured from work comp and that you could be re injured, then they will flee from you.

    You thus have fulfilled the requirement to go to those jobs for the interview, but by telling them your history, you blow the chances of the job.

    No job in the world wants to take on that risk. If it is a job you want, then tell them only what you need to.

    It is by what you communicate as to whether or not they will consider hiring you.

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    knowknees Guest



    Do not get tied up with these people. I ALMOST did. They scheduled me for an Orthopedic exam assuring me they (VR) MIGHT possibly be able to help me. I went in thinking, I have had several OSs saying I am in need of TKRs, end of story. Why would/should I seek yet another opinion? I receive a letter stating I was non-compliant with VR on the Orthopedic exam. Guess what? Between dealing with these "Special Agents" I went AGAIN, paid for it myself, with 2 MORE IMEs them stating the SAME thing. IW is in need of TKRs. What is this brilliant OS going to find that 4 others couldn't? Plain and simple, a loophole, for the ER IC to jump through. I contacted these people thinking I would receive the surgery, I required....BS. He11 of it is, I couldn't flip burgers if I wanted to, and they KNOW that. See em' in court.

    BTW - Non-Compliant was mentioned that I was afraid it would affect my pending W/C Suit. They are supposed to be 2 separate entities, so why would a VR Counselor (Special Agent) even mention this? In MO. they are TROUBLE unless you are still employed and your ER is paying your bills and you are sill receiving enough financial assistance from them. (A Damn Pay-Check) Here you get tied up with these people you will pay back every cent they spend on you if you are disabled and it WILL come out of your future settlement, huh Becky? You will end up paying back your former ERs IC for the injury THEY were responsible for. Funny how fate works. Sent you certified R/R/R letter (Attorney thinks it was a brilliant move, for someone with no legal background) denying you from now on, NOTARIZED even. Think ahead people. (IWs)

    Have a GREAT 4th. All IWs really want is their Independence. Sickening how low some of these Government Agencies (The ones tied into W/C) will go to deprive you of that...Greg

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    nymike Guest


    Thanks for the advice from both of you. have the best logic going and one that I have thought of concerning this....Just tell the truth to any potential employer who I wouldn't want to work for just to earn a living so That Voc. Rehab is satisfied.
    I mean...they can't force me to take a job I don't really want , can they?
    It's not like I refused, I just told the truth.
    You gotta love it!

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    kk Guest


    I guess you didn't read the part about non-compliant. You will see. Watch who eats at the table with you. Fun and games.....Odd man out.

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    plague Guest


    IC has 30 silver silver coins, Just like Judas and VR. You sure aren't following John the Baptist when it comes to W/C and all the Bull$hit they preach. STAY AWAY.

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    anon Guest


    I am in a job search too. They will make you dig holes and cover them up again if they can. It is only to get you off the rolls and cheat you. There is nothing wrong with telling the "truth," they certainly do, don't they!

    So for the jobs I don't want, I tell the truth. I just tell less to those that I want and fit into my restrictions.

    Don't be a fool take care of yourself. Its that easy.

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    cmj Guest


    NY Mike,

    This can be a sticky situation when it comes to Voc Rehab. DO NOT become friends with the case worker..... that's #1!!! They are sly like a fox. They say they are there to help you..... NOT.... you did not hire them, the insurance company did. #2 be very, very careful what you tell this case worker. They will twist everything you say to what they want so he/she will make you look bad. Being incompliant is there weapon. Yep, it happened to me and I proved the guy lied! I have it on tape.

    They case worker I had got preasured for the IC because it was taking so long for me to get a job. I was still had lots of medical to deal with. He claimed that my hobby was a business!! Flat out lie! I said to my attorney, I learned to knit so does that mean it's a business too? Claimed I wasn't dressed well enough. I wore the same clothes to these job applications. I had 2 or 3 outfits to wear. I didn't have money to buy a new waredrobe. Besides, it's not like the jobs saw me before. Needless to say after 2 yrs the guy was fired. A new company took over and this guy was just as sneaky. He set up a young girl to be my case worker. She was flat out nasty. We didn't get a long very well at all. I held my tongue. She thought she new everything because her father was a doctor. B@#%$! She knew nothing and wasn't interested in the person (me).

    This girl got snotty when I told her that I will not work weekends or nights. I just can't do it. I've never done it before so I'm not starting now. Besides, there is no possible way I could physically work nights. I found out when applying for jobs you are suppose to apply for jobs that had the same hours your last job had or as close to it as possible. Just because WC wants you to work doesn't mean they have the right to make you work wacky hours.

    I also did something called a Job Bank. Same principle. This time workers comp sent in the big guns. A man in a wheelchair who was hired by WC to get injured workers back to work. You look at him and figure if he can work so can you. They are full of tricks. This guy had no sympathy for any complaining. #3 DON't COMPLAIN..... it will get back to WC. Yes, they send in reports about you, your attitude and how you are dressed, everything.

    One thing was interesting about all this. You relearn how to fill out applications... tons of them. The case worker I had showed me how to fill one out an application in order to "Help me" get the job. He actually told me NOT to mention any medical information or anything to do with WC. Later I asked if I have to put my SSN # on these forms and he said I did not. I explained that I was worried about identiy theft. If the employer was interested in me I can give it at an interview.

    I asked my attorney if it was wrong not to mention medical, restrictions or anything to do with WC when asked on the application. She said I SHOULD put it down because I was withholding information and that would make me look bad. Yes, even write down why you no longer are with the company if you were let go because of WC claim. As Anon mentioned, be honest on the application.

    Voc Rehab is another way for WC to get you back in the world whether you are ready or not. Mostly not. You don't go to jobs that are beyond your restrictions either. Some of these people with Voc Rehab are merciless others are ok especailly if they are new at this. If you do get a job and it pays less then what you were getting WC (in NC) has to match the difference. What happens if you get a job while on WC? your weekly checks will deduct and only pay the difference if you made less then your weekly checks. If you make more you don't get a check.

    If an employer is interested in you your doctor AND Attorney have to approve the job. That's important. Talk with your attorney. Most times they will tell WC that it's not healthy for you at this time.

    When I had to do it I had to meet the case worker once a week and he would give me up to 10 job leads that I HAD to go to and apply for. Yes, they contact the places to see if you went, how you were dressed, how you presented yourself. Also, to prove you did go try to get a business card from the person you spoke too. A lot of times they will say you never went. With a business you can prove you did!!!

    Remember, you are the "convict" here.... not a free person who is able to say or do anything you please.

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