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    georgia Guest

    Default How Long Does It Take To Get A Workers Comp Hearing

    I am going thru this workers comp nightmare. When I reported the accident my
    employer has just blew me off did not evaluate me right, did not even run x-rays. Now the workers comp group has treated me like crap the IME docs all say I have a problem but cant' give me adivse or help not sure why, and now after 6 months the workman comp jerk group has assigned this hyper gitty goofy case manager lady that does not wear pantyhose and does a sharon stone leg turn showing her goodies to the docs and lawyers. Me thinks something is not right here. So PLEASE can someone give me adivse. How many doctors should I try to see or even how can I trust them. I have learned that this system is like the black listed mofia and I'm actually scared for my life, really. For example I work at a hosptial and my co worker called me and warned me not to see any doctors where I work cause her quote "they wont help you" ummm I wonder why and so far the drs I have seen there have not.
    Quite a few drs freak out when they know you are on a workers comp case. So how do you know who to trust when all you want is to get better and the right medical care. HELP!!!!

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    mj Guest


    I was going to a doctor before my injury was deemed workers comp. The doctor was the most helpful and caring doctor, when my personal insurance was paying the bills. Once it was deemed workers comp. (6 months later) That doctor had a total change of attitude towards me. He is favoring with W/C. So what I do is and he knows after each appointment with him through workers comp. I then go to another doctor using my personal health insurance, this way when we go back into another hearing we have another specialist's opinion that counters my "primary" specialist.

    Your best bet is get an Attorney. They know the games workers comp will play and they know how to play the game too. It's sad to think people have to obtained lawyers for something that should be so simple, but in order to fight the bs of workers comp, thats what you have to do.

    The W/C lawyers do not get anything money wise up front but they take a chunk out of anything you get. Just make sure its a good workers comp. lawyer.

    I would also beware of any "case manager" from the insuance company, remember they are on the W/C insurance payroll. No matter how sweet, how much pu tang they are showing, they are NOT on your side.

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    knowknees Guest


    A case manager like that should would make my nightmare W/C experience more arousing a pleasurable. No I aint no pervert! MJ I thought you left. Whats pu tang? Anyway, very good advise...Greg

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    squigs037 Guest


    Once you retain an attorney no one should make contact with you, but with your lawyer.

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    mj Guest



    I am still around lurking, but since I was forced back to work I am not on the computer much. I get home and I am exhausted. I have a doctors appointment next week to see if he can give the MMI. And W/C is still messing with me. Went to call in my med's and the pharmacy told me that W/C was denying them. I had 7 days worth of meds, and my attorney was calling W/C as I was calling the pharmacy everyday, on the 7th day I called the pharmacy and low and behold they did one more refill.

    I wrote our Gov. a long nasty letter regarding these suckey W/C insurance companys and can't wait to hear what she has to say.

    Hey anyone know if you have computer access from jail? LOL... helll better then dealing with W/C, at least there you have a roof over your head and food in your mouth.

    But I am still here Greg, trying to hang with the injury, working, family, and now the 3rd party suit is in gear. And to make things worse my husband is very sick, lyme disease. Not good.

    p.s. pu tang is slang for snatch or other choosen words for her flashing.

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    knowknees Guest



    Good luck on receiving a reply from the Governor, other than some down home bureaucratic BS. She will rattle some trees and its not the trees you will want rattled! You know those gum-ball trees that are beautiful in the Fall, then drop little "hard rocks" that you have to deal with later.

    Did the same thing. Wrote the Assistant Attorney General, one tied into my case, what a firestorm I started. If you are loud and persistent enough they will listen with not so good consequences. I got more people in my business then I got business.

    Don't know about computer access but you WILL have medical access, Medicaid, Medical, and Mediwhatever.

    Doubt the IC is going to MMI you as long as you are still receiving medications. I know its a "catch 22." I remember your medications are expensive, try to find aide and get reimbursed through mediation or at trial.

    Tell your husband he's in my prayers and for him to get well soon! Man you've been through the ringer! We mounted a pony that has become a horse, lets just hang in there and keep it out of the glue factory.

    BTW. I thought pu tang was some new kind of astronaut drink used on the Space Shuttle. Keep up the fight! Your friend....Greg

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    mj Guest


    You know what you do with gum balls? Chew them up and spit them out, and thats what I plan on doing.

    The IC is wanting to MMI me, because then they will no longer be responsible to pay for medical and doctors. But my attorney is fighting that, she told the commissioner that it looks like I will be on med's for the rest of my life. Who the helll knows.

    Thanks for the prayers with my husband, I just got a call from his doctor saying to take him to the ER. So off we go.


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    cmj Guest


    Ok, question. Is the MMI a rating on what percentage you function or no longer function? I've had 2 of them, shoot, a few years ago. I was on medications and my use to be pain doctor said "probably on medications for the rest of your life". What a guy. I don't know but the rating may have been 35% but I'm not sure. I'd have to ask my attorneys about that.

    Maybe that's a question they can actually answer!!! They sure can't answer the question "When will I get my doctors appointment... It will be a year next month", "Where is my mileage check, been waiting over a year" "When will you hear from WC or there attorney?".........

    Sorry, a little cranky lately. MJ hope your husband gets better soon.

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    plates/screws Guest


    mmi, is when they feel you won't get better no matter what they try. there dr's opion of course!!!!!! hope this works, helps a little? peace out.

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    bankrupt Guest


    Do you mean to tell me that if I'am MMI at the SHO level for my shoulder problems that they will no longer pay for my meds and my visits with my POR?

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