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    jed Guest



    I do believe my attorney may have a few doctors in mind. He told me if I really wanted to get better, than I should go to my own personal doctor that I was seeing before the accident. So that is what I did. I went on my personal doctors recomendation for the spine specialist. My spine specialist and I both agreed to try the conservative approach first and that because of the type of surgery required would defer surgery at this time.

    I am on the north side of Baltimore, so I probably won't have to wory about Dr. Gorden.


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    cmj Guest



    Sounds like you found a good spine specialist. I'm sure he will go through the basic things to help with pain while monitoring your condition. He will most likely send you to a pain management doctor. They will compare notes and depending on how you react to different proceedures you will end up with the pain management doctor. The spine specialist will hang in the back ground if he is needed.

    I hope things work out. Gotta try the non surgery stuff first before you jump into surgery. As far as I can tell, the good doctors do it that way. Good luck with your treatments. ~ Chris

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    knowknees Guest



    CMJ is right on the money. I don't want to dampen anyone spirits here. Like CMJ said surgery is the last option and you will likely travel the Conservative road with PT, (Aqua-Shock Therapy seemed to work well BRIEFLY for me) hopefully with a positive outcome. Positive attitude will also help, it really IS a mind game.

    Then on to the Pain Management Specialist very good optimistic outcome possible WHEN used in unison with a Professional Industrial Physical Therapist. Heres the problem I encountered. I was taking HEAVY Narcotics while attending PT, I honestly couldn't (At the time) tell I was doing irreconcilable damage until it was too late. I should of taken a short acting pain-killer, if you will, to gage the ACTUAL pain and threshold. If these are YOUR Dr's you'll be in better hands than throwing caution to the wind, as I did.

    IME's wear any and every hat at their disposal. Ask yourself and your Attorney if you had Psychological problems BEFORE the work injury? In some cases they (Psych) ARE compensated, it's a can of worms that your Lawyer should/could discuss with you. We all are injured physically that in turn, festers into Psychological Distress. The question to ask is this temporarily or permanent?

    I wish you the very best, and a speedy recovery.


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    cmj Guest



    Knowknees (Greg) is right about the pain killers. They do mask a lot of pain that you won't be aware of if doing PT. Fortunately for me I had Massage Therapy. I did try to keep my pain killers down to a minimum. If you can do that and heal you will be better off.

    For example: Even though I was on many heavy medications for pain. I did try the lower doses first. My body doesn't handle medications well so I went through a lot of them. People react differently to each medication so be aware of that. There are also medications for break through pain. I took those when needed rather then say 1 every 4 hours since I was already on stronger stuff. Let your doctor know how the medications are working for you. If they barely scratch the surface, are to strong, make you sick, etc. This is important for your doctor to know. In my case my doctor new I wasn't one to abuse the medications. Addiction scared me and still do. These strong meds are sneaky. Even though I wasn't addicted I did go through withdrawls.

    Also remember, your lawyer is your adversary no one else. Beware of any and all doctors, therapists, adjuster, case manager. Look at them as employees of WC. There are a few doctors out there that are for the patient and will fight for you. Hopefully your spinal specialist will be your main protector (so to say). Trust your gut instinct.

    Keep a good attitude like Knowkness said. It will help the healing process emencely. Hopefully your attorney will be the one to pick and send you to all doctors.

    Good luck, I hope all goes well. ~ Chris

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    jed Guest


    I have had 3 epidurals and they didn't seem to work, so my spine doctor stopped them. I have not started on pain pills yet. My pain level is usually 5 out of 10 depending on how much walking I do. About 100 yards or so and I can really feel it in my lower spine and back of my legs. I won't take any pain medication until the pain gets to 6 or higher. I was offered percaset after the discogram but I refused it knowing the pain would subside somewhat overnight. I have a high theshold for pain I guess.

    The pain is slowly getting worse and more consistent as time goes by. It is starting to make me crazy. I start a spine rehab program next week. If it makes my back worse I may have to start with pain pills, but I will try to hold off as long as I can.

    As far as healing goes, I'm not sure if a disc that is leaking ever heals, so I guess it is a permanent injury.


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    cmj Guest



    From what I was told about a leaking disc is.... the most painful time is the time it's leaking. After that it no longer hurts. The problem becomes the spine not having a cushion between them.

    If I were you and the pain is starting to drive you crazy don't wait much longer. Take the pain killers when needed. That takes the edge off and you will be able to be less tense and stressed. I too have a high tolerance to pain but the pain got the better of me. My surgery on my neck went well and didn't need the pain killers anymore. I had to take those for my lower back and legs. They get really bad. ~ Chris

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    jed Guest


    Does anyone know if the tears in the anulus of a disc can actually heal itself and the disc nucleus replenish itself so that it is completly healed to the pre injury level? Has anyone found any documentation of such a thing such as before and after MRI films?


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    por Guest


    unfortunately the disc never heals itself becuase the disc has no blood supply, tge necessary component for tissue healing. The tear does scar over like any tear so it will become healed in the sense it doesw not hurt anymore,in most instances.

    Discogneic pain is the term used to decribe acutge or chronic pain that comes from the injured disc itself and is not duew to any herniation or "pinched nerve". At the cellular level we see ingrowth of neural and vascular tissues into the inner disc area where it does not belong as a consequence of the degenerative process.

    Epidural injections and/or lumbar stabilization rehab is the mainstay of care but in the worse cases the disc is sometimes replaced with an artifical one.

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    Default Re: Can You Sue An IME Doctor

    I have a discogram proving that my pain is coming from the disc, can you believe that I have still been suffering constantly having my benefits cut off? I went to an IME and he said I am at MMI. My benefits got cut off completely. My doctor has not said that I am fine, my doctor keeps saying, and so do the others I have tried to get second or third opinions from, that pain management is not for me.. Not for me? I'm in pain damnit! So then My doctor and the "other" doctors all are saying IDET, not for you, surgery not for you. Well I'm not fixed.... and you haven't released me and I'm still in pain! What the hell is going on here?

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    Default Re: Can You Sue An IME Doctor


    I am sorry for what you are going through.

    I do not know your states IME process...hopefully another poster will chim in about that.

    I think many of those IME doctors write dishonest reports, and that is BS.

    If you have not gotten one already...get an attorney.

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