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    newtoarizona Guest

    Default What To Expect After An IME

    Have been receiving WC from an IC since 4/06 - date of injury. They did not perform surgery, but my doctor (who was approved by WC IC) says that the bone has NOT healed and am now using a bone stimulator and have a "clam shell" type brace. PT 3 times a week for passive range of motion, but have a 1 lb. weight restriction for right (dominant) arm. My questions are as follows:

    1. IME doc said "no one allowed in exam room" except he had a "chaperone". He very obviously had his mind made up prior to my being there that nothing was wrong with me even though I can and my own doctor can feel motion at the fracture sight. He said my "treating" doctor would remain the same and he could not discuss anything about this visit with me and I would NOT be receiving a copy of his report. IS THIS NORMAL ??

    2. I don't know what type of payments I am receiving (TTP - or whatever). It says on my checks "reimbursement-indemnity". HOW DO I KNOW WHAT I AM RECEIVING AND WHEN WILL THEY BE CUT OFF?

    3. Can WC IC just stop sending checks without notifying you?

    4. I had a blood clot in my left eye that was caused by the fall - had all kinds of tests showing the clot in pictures. 30 days later the same eye doctor (picked by IC) said that "it's gone" even though he was just looking at my eye with his naked eye. I have asked for a repeat test showing that it is in fact "gone" and no one has responded. I have made another appt for 8/22 on my own and told the docs office that it is a follow up visit. they should get authorization. CAN I EXPECT REPERCUSSIONS FOR THIS?

    5. Is it up to my employer to see to it that vendors have the "right kind" of insurance to be doing business on their property? My injury was caused by a vendor on my employers property. My ex-attorney says the vendor does not have the right kind of insurance and dropped me like a hot rock - encouraging me to see another attorney asap. DOES THIS SOUND NORMAL?? or am I just supposed to suck it up and move along??

    6. WHO, if anyone, pays for the IWs lost wages?

    7. what comes after the IME? It seems no one tells the IW anything about what is supposed to happen.

    Any answers will be greatly appreciated - one last question - how DO you get anyone to listen about the depression / anxiety attacks that come from being caught up in this mess? I've lost my car, credit, self-esteem, USE OF MY ARM, and become isolated and afraid to leave the house for fear of "falling again" and re-breaking my arm? We aren't supposed to be depressed or anxious??

    thanks again!

    PS - Home Health aides didn't show up this AM - when I called the company - insurance did not authorize - no one told me anything !!

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    knowknees Guest


    What the he11s your Attorney doing? He should be answering every question you just ask. If not, finding the answers. Surely you have retained the services of an Attorney?


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    bankrupt Guest


    Knowknees.. Hi greg, I'll tell you what some of the attorneys do they look at a couple of your papers out of your 10,0000 paper file the day before you go to hearing then you loose the dam- thing..!!! Just had to vent!

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    knowknees Guest


    An IME report is EXTREMELY relevant. Out of those 10,000 papers I promise you the IMEs report is at the very top of his "must see" list. The plaintiffs Attorney MAY not get this report until the 11th hour during discovery. Venting is good! If my Attorney was not answering the questions NEWTOARIZONA just asked. Well I'd be extremely busy Attorney shopping;)...Greg

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    bankrupt Guest


    The IME seems to be the POT of GOLD. I mean for the other side. You could have 4 doctors in your behalf but yet the Ime doctors report is like you said Greg it's at the TOP. If the IME doctor MMI's you , and your doctor doesn't agree then it goes to a Industrial Commission hearing, then they decide if your MMI and then your money could stop. Your doctor will get a copy of that doctors IME exam and your attorney if you have one if not get one Quick!. As far as psych, yes I think they are driving us all mad , so many injured workers see psych doctors.It's unreal. Inpart because of injury and the effects of the change in your physical body and inpart because these people TORMENT you to death almost to suicide trying to cope with all these different things that are your and your families world now after a traumatic injury For the first year of my shoulder injury my husband had to comb my hair .Going to the bathroom was a struggle etc..etc..Well enough of that as far as your case Arizona, I don't know if your workmans comp has the same rules when it comes to the IME. To see a psych in Ohio your doctor has to refer you. Maybe someone else on here can give you some better answers. I was just going by some of the things I have been thru.

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    henry Guest


    Bankrupt -

    The BWC and their associates not only have the POT OF GOLD but the whole GOLD MINE and the injured/disabled workers and their families got the SHAFT!

    Good Luck!

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    newtoarizona Guest


    I HAD an attorney that dropped me because the third party "did not have the right kind of insurance" - whatever that means. (See #5 in 1st post.) Have retained a new WC attorney just today, IME was just yesterday. The IME doctor said that he did not have to discuss anything with me and NO, I would not be receiving part of the report. I am most concerned about them cutting off my money and me not having a job. I am my own sole support and this has already been financially devastating. Don't they have to give you some notice, if they are going to stop paying?

    I had begged WC IC for a 2nd opinion from the beginning and they refused. Now that the doctor they were OK with isn't saying that everything is hunky dorey, they send me to this set up IME?

    I will ask my orthopedic doctor to refer me to someone for psych services because I am nuts from this.

    I was told today that it IS possible that you can end up homeless, car-less, pennyless and clinically depressed with a permanent injury. "That's entirely possible" was the quote. How does everyone keep going with a possible outcome like that? I won't live long enough to get out of this debt and repair my credit. That's why I was seeking help from people who have been through it and not just the people who make money off of us.

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    anon58 Guest


    I went to my PERSONAL regular physician and told the problems I was having with anxiety, stress, etc and asked to be referred to a psychiatrist. My doctor was more than happy to refer me to a psychiatrist. At the very first visit after testing and talking, the psychiatrist said ALL of my mental health issues are caused by the injury and she was MORE than happy to write in my report.

    If you don't have a regular doctor, FIND ONE..get recommendation from family/friends. If you have medical insurance, then try not to worry if it's billed to WC yet. Hopefully your psychiatrist will stand by you and you can then get it billed back to WC like it should be.

    Hopefully you have or can find a regular family doctor that is kind, understanding and most important NOT IN SO MUCH OF A HURRY to get to the next patient they don't listen to you.

    Hang in there...

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    anon58 Guest


    P.S. I believe your employer is responsible for any accidents that happen on their property especially an employee on the job. The first lawyer sounds just plain lazy looking for quick cash with little work.
    Don't give up....look for another lawyer.

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    newtoarizona Guest


    Thank you for your response - I have a regular doctor, but I DON"T have regular medical insurance and that is why I was trying to get WC to pay for it now so I can be treated NOW. WC in Arizona is a very low "maximum" amount and I have been receiving that, but have lost my car, medical insurance, and gone into huge debt to my family just trying to keep the roof over my head and the lights on. I just found out that I may be eligible for state insurance, but I have to apply and it takes about six weeks. I will apply though. No one tells you anything - this message board is helpful in so many ways. It's horrifying that so many of us are going through this he11 on earth, though - it truly does destroy your life - not just your health. Thanks for your kindness.

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