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    fonze Guest

    Default MMI and Impairment Rating Questions

    I was recently injured at work about 4 months ago. workers comp has paid for everything so far. rehab, pills, surgeory, etc. They are getting ready to send me back to work light duty. My case woker was finally taken off my case, and my surgeon told her that my mmi date was looking about a year away. I am expected to have a full recovery, other than the likely possibility of arthritis setting in and me needing a right hip replacment in the future. Can anyone explain to me how the impairment rating works at the time of MMI, how much money (if any) I may recieve, and if there is anything else I need to be aware of. Again, workers comp has paid for everything up until this point, And I have not had any problems with them other than they are a little pushy about me getting back to light duty work.

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    bankrupt Guest


    fronz...You bet your life they are PUSHY ! They just might push you back before your injury has healed because then they don't have to send you those biweekly checks .You sure better make sure they do have light duty. No you haven't had much of a problem yet because you haven't been off for that long of time. Some of us on here have been off a year or more having 1 or 2 surgeries and that's where the big fights start. You really didn't say what your exact injury was to your hip so its hard to say. I'm not a doctor but if you injured your hip severly I would bet arthritis is on its way, and who is going to pay for the hip replacement if you need it in the future? Then they will say it's a pre existing condition and fight you over that. Hopefully you wont have to have a hip replacement and things will work out good for you. Your employer might try and get rid of you now that you have been injured because you are a liability. I have heard this over and over again. Depending on the company . As far as Full recovery I would'nt call arthritis a Full recovery, it's very painful and you will live with it the rest of your life. I hate to sound so negative about this but for the most of us on here this is the way it is. As far as money and settlement. They hate to give money. They send you to their own doctors for a % of disability rating along with your own doctor. Not every state has the same laws. You did't say where you were from. Maybe Greg on here can answer some of your questions. LOL.

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    mj Guest


    Fonze Bankrupt is right they will send you back to work even if your still in a stretcher. Be cautious the odds are if you go back to your old employer you will be out of a job shortly after. Think about the future medical you might run into, i.e. problems with hip, pain medication, surgery. I would be very cautious of your decisions. Once your back to work and off W/C you are screwed even more then you were on W/C.

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    knowknees Guest


    Here's my advice. If you have vacation time, personal leave time, disability, or even FMLA at your disposal, USE IT!

    NEVER go back to work before YOU feel 100% capable of performing any type of so called "light-duty." Cocktail for disaster and I drank from that cup. I don't care if you have to quit, it is not worth becoming permanently disabled.

    My former ER would rush the employee back to "light-duty" 1, 2, 3, days post-op., and eventually they all (4 + myself) were gone. Terminated. Its not so much the IC, its the ER trying to paint a prettier picture for their W/C IC. Keeping premiums down and boasting to the "out-side" world of how few of lost time hours they have, due to on the job injuries.

    It may all seem fine and dandy for now, look at the bigger picture. I sure didn't, and I will HAVE to live with that decision for the rest of my life. Good Luck.


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    anon58 Guest


    Do some research on WC and the Employer...Insurance companies teach businesses/employers all kinds of tactics and ways to get the injured employee back to work faster and on light duty, to keep their insurance costs down, screw the employee legally, etc. AND NONE OF IT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH WHAT'S RIGHT OR FAIR TO THE INJURED WORKER. It's ONLY...I repeat ONLY what is BENEFICIAL and GOOD for BUSINESSES.
    They have classes, seminars, on-line courses to help businesses shaft the injured worker. Check it'll see.

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    fonze Guest


    I guess I am in a little more fortunate situation. At the time of my injury, my boss was/is my brother. So I have a little backing when it comes to my employer having me do things that I cannot do. The general manager of the company has also been pretty supportive. They have promised me my job back, and have not been pushy at all of having me return to work, just workers comp, and we all know workers comp has a job to do. To give you some info of what happened to me. I was crushed by a car when it fell on me at work. I ended up breaking my tailbone, left pelvis, destroyed right hip ball and socket, broke main tendan that holds main two bones together in ankle (I think tibula and fibula), broke mult ribs (4), broke my coller bone, bruised my heart and lung, had a deep laceration of my arm, and had internal bleeding. I have mult screws holding my right hip together, two in my ankle that will eventuallly be removed, and one big long one in my left pelvis and tailbone,a big lump on my chest from the way my ribs healed together, and also am going through many nightmares do to the accident. My surgeon has told me that everything looks good, other than the possibility due to the injury that my right hip may need future replacement. I have been going to pt for 3 months now, and am doing pretty well. I do have pain still in my pelvis, tailbone, and ankle area but improving. Again I have had the same surgeon from the time I was life flighted to the hospital until now. I beleive I am almost ready to return to light duty. I live in utah. From this can any of you explain what I may expect from here, how the impairment rating works, again, if I may recieve any money from the rating, and things to be aware of when approaching my mmi date. I have talked to one of the best lawyers in the state and he said everything is good, and to call him when I get closer to my mmi date.

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    plates/screws Guest


    well it almost sounds to me if you get medical attention right away, then you could heal much faster with pt right away good backing for your company, hmmmmmmm, sounds almost like a nice dream ahhhhhh, I hope there are alot of company's and states looking at this ,the way to take care of iw (a person, a human) not a machine. NOW I AM DREAMING,!!!!!!! i am glad things are working out. later peace out

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    bankrupt Guest


    Sounds like the old saying 'If it sounds to be good to be true then it probably is' You say you live in Utah. Are you Mormon? If you are your faith will get you thru. I'm so sorry to hear of such injuries. Sounds like big % for injuries like that.

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    fonze Guest


    Can anyone explain to me how the impairment rating works, has anyone already been through it, and can you give me any ideas on the amount of money recieved?? I have another doc appoin tues, should I take a tape recorder now???

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    sh Guest


    It depends on your state; many use the AMA guides; others have their own. Some use Functional Capacity Exams. Generally the doctor puts you through various exercises and measurments while he completes the rating form. The rating is expressed as a percentage. The impairment rating is then sent to the carrier and/or state and a disability calculation is performed. The greater the rating, the higher the disability, and the longer or the greater the payment is. Most states have a web site that gives basic information.

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