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    dr.pepper Guest

    Default Experiences with Sedgwick Insurance

    has anyone delt with this company....and your take on them..any help would be great....thanks

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    new2az Guest


    what kind of company is it??

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    cmj Guest


    Since we are asking about WC IC anyone ever had AIG?

    I've never heard of Sedgwick.

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    dr.pepper Guest


    its a WC company ?

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    dr.pepper Guest


    Great day today..walked out front door and there was a evict notice..just keeps getting better and better..Now i know why people go postal....My state rep got back to me..they wanted claim number for WC..hope they can help..dosent hurt.......thanks guys and gals..

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    new2az Guest


    Dr. Pepper
    I know how awful being in the position is - the people on this post got me through the night last night and maybe I can help do the same for you. I will be in your shoes in about 2 weeks when I cannot pay the rent due to being cut off from WC IC, (money cut off - not medical). I won't be getting any more checks apparently and they don't have to tell you that until after the determination from what I've heard. I received the advice to call all the churches around me and apply for emergency help with the rent and electricity. Please do that - call your local community action groups (listed in phone books). Look up Food Banks in the yellow pages - people have told me they are wonderful. we can only try to encourage and comfort each other - I can't even get a decent lawyer to take my case !!
    Call the Kiwanis, Rotary, Salvation Army and Catholic churches have a great many charities. Interfaith Caregivers would be another one. You are not alone - if you move to AZ you can share my 2 bedroom apt - maybe between us we could scrape enough together to keep it !! LOL

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    anon58 Guest


    New2Az...I forgot to mention there is freee legal help in Arizona. I can't think of the name of the program (it's been 25 years) but ask the community action groups to see if they can tell you about it. I used it there in Tempe once and it was 100% freee and a great attorney.

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    mj Guest



    I would also file for an emergency hearing and let the commissioner/judge decide on if your benefits will be discontinued. Right after my doctor said I can return to work, but not the same place of employement the I/C sent a letter saying they were cutting off my benefits. I had my lawyer go into court and she was able to get me my benefits back while I look for a job. See if I was put out of work because of a work injury then they were responsible to continue paying me while I looked for a job.

    In fact my attorney told them to lay me off so I can collect unemployment, and they refused they did not want their unemployment rates to go up so they agreed to pay me while I looked for a job.

    Regardless to say, my next doctors appointment my doctor admitted to me that the I/C attorney pushed him on sending me back to work when he really did not feel I was ready.

    Good luck and check other avenues. If possible try to file for unemployment, food stamps, welfare etc... what ever it takes to make sure you can survive until you wake up from this horrible nightmare of Workers Comp.

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