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    aaron Guest

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    I am looking for real thoughts from experienced forum members.
    I was injured several years ago, C/R at 80% (as I recall), new injury @ 3 years ago and rumored to be 18 to 20 something percent.
    I do not care about settlements, nor do I wish to rely on disability for the measly income that it would generate. To top that I would suffer from a snapping rubberband if I did not work. Get the padded cell and long sleeves ready.
    My question would be... If I reach the 100% mark,what happens to my ability to seek employment? I am going to have to trade trades again to continue to work at whatever level I can. I need to work mentally, I force myself daily to get out and work, I deal with the pain levels that I inflict upon myself, I make less than I was befor. I choose to continue to push myself, by choice. If there is some sort of reporting system in CA, via I/C's? How could someone even think about appling for new employment?
    Next trade would have me off of my feet if I can pass the DOT phsycal. I will mention that injuries were knees both times, and I do remember reading a person can not exceed 100% totaldisability in a lifetime. This is a big enough obstical... I don't need anymore on top of that.
    Any input is greatly appreciated.

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    knowknees Guest


    Aaron what have you had done to your knees both times. Contemplating becoming an OTR (Over the Road) Truck Driver? Hope the injuries weren't very severe. Sitting in a truck and sitting in a car are 2 separate worlds. Passing a DOT Physical? Piece of cake even if you are SOMEWHAT disabled, if you can find a shady Dr. to give it. I can "steer" you the right, easiest way to become qualified for your new trade. If you want to own your own truck, thats the EASIEST way. HENRY, might need some help on this one. 4 wheelers, well....Good Luck Aaron

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    aaron Guest


    Thanks KnowKnees;
    I actually drove over the road prior to knees, then had to give up lic,due to not making the physical in time.
    I have gone thru 6 opperations on knees, was looking at another. Can't do it. Won't do it. We have considered the O/Oppeerator lifestyle. I need to do more homework first.

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    knowknees Guest


    The homework? You know its going to pound your knees, or whats left of your knees to dust. Fits in your restrictions and no foreseeable harm? Jump on it!

    I will not blame all of my current condition (Needing 2 TKRs) on my current W/C accidents and claims. Thus apportionment. I know the road took its "toll" on me physically also.

    O/O lifestyle? No children, no immediate responsibilities, possibly the best therapy imaginable. Sight seeing and getting paid to see the US/Mexico/Canada at the same time!

    Good Luck and drive safe. Lots of $$$ to be made on the open road. O/O - Remember the cost of fuel.


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    aaron Guest


    KNOWKNEES; we are simular there, need both done as well. I am still trying to work on cars now, judging by memory... driving was easier physically. The home work would be what it costs to run vs. what can be made.
    Kids are all grown up and would have to sell a house. These are small costs, if I can stay working for longer. I really don't give much of a chit about restrictions. The I/C knows this as well as former employeer.
    Thank you for your input.

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