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    Default Help Understanding Compromise And Release

    Hi, after finally getting a hold of someone in IC to help with my request, the CA slipped in at the end of our conversation something about compromise and release, which I have no plans to close my medical. I told the CA I had no interest in that, but she told me they would send the paperwork anyway.

    When I do get the paperwork, do I need to respond if I am my own attorney at this point, already paid an award, now have open meds. I don't plan to close my meds anytime soon, so I would rather ignore their compromise release form when it comes.

    What is a compromise and release in relations to my settlement which includes open meds?

    confused in Calif.
    please help.

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    sh Guest


    no need to respond to the forms
    Read the forms when they come; they should be self-explanatory. Generally it'll close out the claim including the medical.
    here's a glossary of terms

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    2muchpain Guest


    Thank am I to understand that I don't have to respond at all if I want to continue with my meds open?

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    sh Guest


    You don't have to C&R your claim if you have an award from the appeals board for life time medical.

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    2muchpain Guest


    Great! I don't want to have to deal with those people IC CA, any further...I have no intention of closing medical until the day I am able to return to work and support myself, even if it takes a lifetime.

    Thanks again!

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