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    Default What does URO mean?

    what does URO mean...I got a letter today saying,for a fully favorable URO decision.thanks.

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    I did a google search under medical abbreviations. Although there are many things that this could have stood for, I believe that what you are looking at is "Utilization Review Organization". So it sounds like the review board where you are at is saying that they agree with some decision that was made in regards to your case. But this could be wrong. Just my thoughts on it.

    Angel ^i^

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    Utilization Review Organization, also called a URO (Googled it)
    Utilization Review is one of the tools used by the workers compensation insurance industry to limit the amount of your Medical Benefits. Remember, the standard for the payment of medical benefits in Pennsylvania Workers Compensation is that the treatment must be: (1) Reasonable; (2) Necessary; and (3) Causally Related to the work injury. This is a rather liberal standard in favor of the employee. If a medical provider sends a bill to the workers compensation carrier in the proper form, the burden is on the insurance carrier to pay the bill within thirty (30) days or to submit the bill to a Utilization Review Organization, also called a "URO".. A URO can only address the reasonableness and necessity of the treatment. A URO can not address the causal relation to the work injury. If a URO has been performed and results in an unfavorable decision, in whole or in part, it must promptly be appealed to a Workers Compensation Judge. Time is of the essence in all of these matters.
    ~ Tom

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    thank you..very very much...


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