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    Default Almost Broken

    Hats off to all the agencies that helped in the endeavor to get " Almost Broken " on the Internet.

    Now everyone can see it.

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    anon Guest


    That ought to start getting things stirred up and someone jailed. I'm just not sure who. Interesting and informative.

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    cmj Guest


    Very interesting. Maybe it will stir things up enough where ALL of WC will be looked into across the states.

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    mel Guest



    What exactly happened to both sites and how is your case coming?

    How was the surgery?

    How does it stand now and when will you be going to court?

    Good luck and please keep us posted

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    anonymous Guest


    In my opinion, the production at the link provided includes many falsehoods and mistatements, including outdated facts.

    I have said before, and I will say again, Larry Nign is NOT the best example of the WC system gone wrong. It is a shame that he is being held up as the example. Larry had legal counsel when his case went sour. This cannot be blamed on SCIF, but on his own legal counsel, and his own failure to adhere to the advice of the Judge and I&A officers involved in his case.

    From what I can tell, Barbara, your case is a travesty, far beyond what has occurred with Larry's case. I hate to see you so closely associated with him.

    I wish you luck with your case, in obtaining the benefits that are due to you.

    The comments regarding Renetzky are also unfounded as his case is NOT a done deal. It is still open and active.

    These cases are all public record.

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