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    newedge Guest


    Ok, I was injured a while ago... a couple of months ago that is. WC has decided that they will pay for my medical and stuff, but wont pay me a weekly check for some lame excuse.

    What I am asking is that A month after I got injured I decided to go back to school since it didnt look like I was going to receive any payment. I have been in school ever since my injury and havent been looking for work(well i was looking for work for a while but couldnt find anything). Is this going to count against.

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    cmj Guest


    Looks like you need a good WC attorney. If you are getting medical and stuff you should be getting a check. Did the company let you go? Why?

    An attorney can tell you what to do as far as Unemployment or WC checks. In some states WC pays for education. Mine doesn't.

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    sh Guest


    It could.
    Each state has it's own work comp regulations and some may decide you voluntarily took yourself out of the labor market.

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    broken Guest


    so if i am not at MMI yet, but my POR already toldme that I will never go back to my job as a Nurse,and I still am doing what I have to such as PT and I go to all my DR appointment's and so on, and at this point I go back to school not full time but just to get s few courese under belt they will hold this aagainst me..... I am in Ohio.............
    You would think that WC would want us to do something so we can get out of this joke of a system...Just another way for the i/c to control us

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    newedge Guest


    I talked with an attorney... it was a joke... he said he couldnt help me because he didnt see anything wrong with my case yet....

    No I dont get any checks... but im going to school and getting financial aid and loans...

    Do you think this could work againts me?

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    cmj Guest


    Your attorney could tell you that. I don't know but I hear Ohio's WC is really bad.

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    jed Guest



    Doesn't sound right to me. I would consult with another WC attorney. or 2 or 3 or 4. Whatever it takes to get answers. Have you called your states WC board and talked to them? What state are you from?

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    undercovrangel Guest



    Were you taken out of work by your POR or did you voluntarily take yourself out of work. If you voluntarily took yourself out of work, then you won't be eligible for any kind if TTD. However, if you are out under Dr's orders then you should be receiving TTD along with medical, scrips and other benefits.

    You don't say where you live, so giving you state specific information at this time isn't feasible. However, most states have Ombudsmen that can help with questions regarding your injury and benefits.


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    jed Guest


    Thanks U Angel for covering all the things I missed. Again. Like I always say 2 heads are better than 1.


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    undercovrangel Guest


    Not a problem Jed......after all we not only have to look out for ourselves here, but try to guide one another to the answers to questions.

    Angel ^i^

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