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    Default Health Insurance Cost During Worker's Comp Disability

    My husband was injured at work back in August. He is still off of work and receiving workers comp. His employer is telling him when he gets back to work full time he needs to pay back his Medical Benefit premium (it was usually deducted weekly before the accident) that they have been paying for him since August. This has turned into almost $1000.00 since he has been off. I really don't find this fair. He was injured at work by the fault of another coworker. Is there any type of law that states that he is not responisble for this.

    Also...he has just been to the Doctor who hinted to him that he may want to find another profession seeing as though he will probably experience some sort of pain for the rest of his life. What the heck or we going to do???

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    Lightbulb Re: Indiana Laws....oh my

    First off settle down, get a lawyer. I live in New York have been out of work since July injured back . Herniated disc C5-C6,C6-C7 and L5 degenerative disc disease and on, and on. I have not been paid the employer contested the claim, have been to 2 hearings, with 2 more to go. I have researched the laws of New York on the internet and inm conjunction with my lawyer I have been able to maintain. I to will be looking for a new career, or no career have applied for SSDI. See what help agencies there are in your state. But above all knowledge is power and keep up the faith.

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    Default Re: Indiana Laws....oh my

    Thanks. It's just frustrating. I mean, we're a young couple just starting out. His career is all he knows. I'm just worried about our future.

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    Default Re: Indiana Laws....oh my

    Realize the frustration, however we are not young,lol. I found out several interesting things while searching the net. In New York you do not have to be a lawyer to represent people at the workers comp, you study the law take the test then represent. So I may look into something like that, sort of getting back a the system. What does your husband do for a living?

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    Default Re: Indiana Laws....oh my

    Actually this is a common practice with a lot of employers country wide. They will continue to pay their portion and either bill the IW for the balance or simply keep a running tab and ask it be paid when they come back to work. If it is not paid they can actually cancel the policy but would have to offer COBRA first (which of course is much more expensive).

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    Default Re: Indiana Laws....oh my

    It just amazes me that the Law protects the Employer not the Employee. It seems backwards to me.

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    Default Re: Indiana Laws....oh my

    Actually it protects both. It's just human nature that each believes the other guy is getting more.

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    Default Re: Indiana Laws....oh my

    I disagree. You must be an Employer. Must be nice to screw people in the ass daily.

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    Default Re: Indiana Laws....oh my

    This would occur regardingless of the reason the employee was off for an extended period of time. This includes FMLA, short or long term disability or WC. Like it or not the law allows the employer to do this.

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    Default Re: Indiana Laws....oh my

    even with flma - you are required to either pay the weekly amount on time at the office or they can cancel your policy on you - or they can collect it all from your check when you come back. Since I was off only a couple of weeks - they took mine out of my check - which wasn't bad - since it wasn't that much weekly anyways.

    But aj is right - no matter what an employer can ask you to come in weekly and make the employer contribution portion as well - it's totally up to the employer on how he wants to do it.

    If you want to offer to make start making some payments on it now - then make sure you are keeping receipts of all payments.

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