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    Question Does Workers Comp Pay Pain And Suffering

    I want to know if hurt at work and getting workmans comp. Do they pay anything for the pain and suffering we go through? OR is that where a lawyer comes on board?

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    Default Re: need help

    No "pain and sufffering" whether you have a lawyer or not. Workers comp pays benefits for disability only; it's not like a negligence law suit.

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    Unhappy Re: need help

    Thank You, reason I was asking A board fell on my foot 5-12-2004 broke 2 bones and damaged my nerves, My job is staying on my feet all day. I have just had my second surgery to remove 2 more nerves, after the first surgery they ask me if I would be able to do my job, I was on light duty from my doctor, If I couldnt they said I would have to step down, I feel very threaten, I need my job and the money I make as a head cashier. I guess I will just have to wait until I am released from the doctor to see what happens, Thanks again.

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