Injured 9 dec 2005, returned to work til 21 Jul 2006 out since then . Employer controverted the claim , 7 herniated disc in cervical and lumbar, ulnar nerve entrapment, shoulder injury. 2 hearings still no money, next hearing 22 Nov06. Need surgery on cervical and back, insurance company refuses to comply until final hearing about six months away, then surgeon can't schedule for 2 months. Applied for SSDI nothing yet. Now other shoulder has become involved, also unable to write or use dominant shoulder. The longer they take the worse it gets, biggest problem is trying to stay sane. Sore all the time, hands are numb, wake up 3 or 4 times a night, can't do anything. Sit for awhile, lay for awhile and can only stand for about 15 minutes at a crack. I guess this will teach me to work for a living and not depend on others for my finances, it sure makes me want to hurry back to work. Maybe by the time they get done playing around I will be totally disabled?