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    Default Workers Compensation and Permanent Disability

    Hello there-

    I have been going through the threads and reading what everyone has been through and before I continue I wanted to give each of you some support for continuing the fight. One of the most difficult things I am seeing is that those involved in these cases completely shirk all responsibility to the IW and you guys have kept going without giving up.

    I was injured back in 2005 after not being properly protected on the job from a supervisor being negligent. Basically, I did not have safety equipment, he did not follow protocol- I am now permanently disabled. No reprimands were instituted for this negligence by my employer whatsoever. It has all been documented to date.

    I was diagnosed with RSD but somehow the hearing officer found that I "do not have" this condition (note that there were over 10 physicians, + test results, etc on this vs. a peer evaluation and a doc switching diagnoses last minute under oath. Yay justice) so my physicians have been treating me for chronic nerve pain, etc.

    The TIBS ceased long ago, the appeal was filed by the ombudsman out of the time frame and denied, and I am now waitning on a decision for disability. Note: I have not reached MMI and no physician will place me as such. I don't even know what I am fighting for any more.

    The job fired me for some bogus policy, and has blacklisted and given me the silent treatment. The job is also self-insured and through a large Texas County. While I am filing complaints where applicable, no one is interested in taking the case- for obvious reasons- no money and they out-resource most. So overall I am trekking this alone, with an ombudsman who is representing me for the last hearing- (still no resolution on that one)

    The old atty recused herself but continues to pass/receive confidental info-even though several "requests" have been placed for her to cease this behavior.

    When looking at this next BRC for "disability" do I have to have an MMI rating? What 'benefits" am I even entitled to? Who is responsible and who makes sure they are held accountable? Can this really be dragged on for decades or is there an enforced statute of limitations on WC cases? Where can I find a TWC webpage that actually works and is overall operational?

    Sorry for the bombardment here. Any info would be most appreciated. Thank you so much for listening.

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    Default Re: New here...need some sane advise, please

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    Default Re: New here...need some sane advise, please

    Thank you very much-

    on an unrelated note, how do I register to this forum?

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    Default Re: New here...need some sane advise, please

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