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    Default RSD Diagnosis from Work Injury

    Hello Group,
    I'm new to this forum. Hopefully I can help someone and get some ? answered too. I have been diagnosed with RSD in right arm to shoulder. I have a lawyer and have won my Benefit Review and a Contested Case Hearing so far. Dr's are wanting to do a stimulator implant but waiting for Psycologist? results to get to the insurance company. Checking for depression in regards to RSD. HA! Who wouldn't be depressed dealing with all the junk they throw at you.
    So far RSD seems to be in right arm but now my knee and top of foot are becoming a problem. Hate to keep complaining to Dr and looking like I'm imaging things but also don't want to have this spread and not do anything.
    My checks were regular till lately. Now they are sending to the wrong address constantly. We've sent correct address three times and hasn't worked yet. Is there any way to make them pay on time? My lawyer keeps sending me to her assistant. Anyway, if I can help anyone or if anyone knows what I need to do regarding the checks I'd love to hear.
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    Default Re: RSD Diagnosis Any others Here?

    I've had RSD since 2001 and MMI 70% upper and 42 whole. As of today no dr will accept my lifetime medical coverage so no treatment and the carrier has denied every quarterly benefits that are lifetime....the lawyers just blow you off then close your file with a nice letter included of course. I am currently waiting on SSI benefits in order to get medical help. I've found it all to be unjust and broken.

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    Default Re: RSD Diagnosis Any others Here?

    What is RSD??

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    Default Re: RSD Diagnosis Any others Here?

    Hey Chris,

    Ask your insurance adjuster to DIRECT DEPOSIT your checks into your checking account!!!!!!!!!

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