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    Default Getting Worker's Compensation After Waiting To Report An Injury

    I was injured on the job, but didn't know it at the time, I was doing some heavy lifting which is required in my job, as I was setting a piece of merchandise on a pallet I felt a sharp pain in my hip that ran down the back of my thigh, now keep in mind this is a fast paced high production job with alot of lifting, so if you do your job properly you're going to be sore and have aches and pains everyday and eventually they will go away, well about a week had past and I started having numbness in the toes of my left foot, and weakness in my left leg, now because I have a medical condition I chose to go to my doctor to make sure there was nothing going on with that before filing a report at work, after seeing my doctor my previous condition had not changed so I made out a report at work and had it sent to the W/C people after finally talking with them and explaining the situation I am scheduled to see a panel doctor tomorrow, but while talking with the lady at the W/C place she say they may not accept it because I waited to report the injury, did I do the wrong thing, all this is new to me I am 36 years old have been employed with the company for almost 11 years and have never been injured on the job, what should I do if they reject my claim or if the doctor says it isn't work related which some of my co workers says he has done to them. Thanks for your help

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    You can appeal a denial to the work comp commission

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