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    Angry Work Comp Legal Malpractice Attorney

    Does anyone know of a work comp legal malpractice attorney in N Cal? Evidently, it's difficult to fall below the standard of care in work comp cases, but my former attorney managed to achieve it. His attorney has filed a demurrer, but I got it overruled. I desparately need an attorney to continue my case for me.

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    I dont know about attorneys in the area where you are at but I do know they have attorneys to represent you for malpractice against another attorney.I thought one time I seen a web site for it. Id have to look through my favorites and to see if I added it to my favorite list.

    I also have a bad attorney. I have heard workers comp pays off drs and attorneys. Well,I guess the place of employment may also do it. I have rsd so I cant remember much of anything. If I have to write notes on every single thing.

    If I find this website I will post it.

    Good Luck

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    contact the state bar

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    Let me clarify. I need a personal recommendation. I have checked:
    most of the lawyer referral services in N Cal
    the state bar
    martindale (lexisnexis)
    researched westlaw for attorneys who have previously tried work comp legal malpractice anywhere in CA
    recommendations from attorneys I've spoken to, but can't/won't represent me
    other sources I can't even remember right now
    There HAS to be someone in CA who has sued a work comp attorney for legal malpractice successfully. If not, we're screwed even more than I thought.


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    how much money do you get if you win? How much did you lose out in work comp benefits?
    It's all about the money. If there is no money in it you'll never generate any atty interest; it won't be worth their time. The law is a business, just like doctoring.

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