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    Default Do You Pay Taxes On Workers Comp

    Do You Pay Taxes On Your Work Comp At The End Of The Year? The Ins. Co. Sent Me A Letter Stating They Dont Have To, It Confused We? With Unemployment I Have It Taken Out Weekly.
    Also Where Do You Practice At...i Am Thinking Of Dropping My Attorney, She Just Doesnt Seem To Care....or Do You Know Of Any Good Lawyers Near Godfrey, Il?

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    Wink Re: ???? FOR hOCKEYLAW

    Your worker comp payments and any settlement you recieve is all tax free.

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    Default benefits/taxable ?

    both weekly indemnity (TTD) and ultimate settlement are tax free in Illinois.

    As to where I am, I am in the Chicago area, but practice all over the state (& have a pool of lawyers, out-of-state, that I also work with). E-Mail me if you want to talk.

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    Cool Re: ???? FOR hOCKEYLAW

    Tax free until SSDI gets involved then they take the wc offset amount and put it in SSDI benefits and now they are taxable.

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