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    Default Attorney Fees And TTD

    Read a response of your regarding TTD. My attorney took 20% of TTD, when he had to go to court to get it backdated. Now, don't get me wrong he is a very good lawyer, but, should he have done this, or at least, shouldn't he ask for costs when getting it backdated? The reason I ask, is because I am going through the same thing right now.

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    Default Re: Was reading about TTD

    Never explained in a previous question.

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    Default TTD fees

    He took it because he earned it and got it for you. Some times the process to get costs is more costly than getting them and can be appealed, resulting in you not getting the owed benefits for even longer. The main thing is getting you benefits, A.S.A.P....he did it (and by the way you agreed to it in the fine print in the standard workers' comp. attorney contract).

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    Like I had said, I really didn't question it, cause you are right, he did earn it. And, like I had said previously, you did answer it in a previous question, so thanks!!!!

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