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    Exclamation Impairment Rating Questions For Vermont

    Hello out there,

    I have a herniated disc injury from March 2006.
    I declined a steroid injection and have used the WC Insur. CO Dr. recommendations with no healing in sight. Many side effects have resulted from this injury and were not reported in the evaluation.

    I've been receiving TTD for 7 mo.
    I lost my job and insur. after I used the FMLA.

    I just received and medical end result with an imapirment rating of 5%.
    I have a work capacity that is now restricted to light duty.

    I would like to seek a second opinion with a Dr. of my choice to do another impairment rating and possibly make it more adventageous for me with a better %.

    What do you think my chances are?
    Should I take the current offer and continue rehab since I haven't come close to recovering?

    Thansk you so much for your help,

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    Default Re: impairment rating questions for VT

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    Default Re: impairment rating questions for VT

    Vermont uses the AMA guides for rating impairment along with 21 other states . One of the reasons it is the most used guide is that its ratings, when done correctly, change very little between different physicians. This minimizes the doctor shopping that occurs under other systems.
    If your rating was done incorrectly of course there could be a difference. you could discuss it with another doctor before deciding.
    what would you do if a second rating was lower?

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    Exclamation Re: impairment rating questions for VT

    Thank you so much to those that replied to my many questions.

    As I am aware that a second rating may be lower, I was told that it wouldn't necessarily be a final decision. I believe VT WC would then make a choice.
    It is a worry of mine though and its a chance. The 5th edit. AMA guide used has a wide range scope that seems to me wasn't considered in my evaluation! I did not have an extensive examination. According to research I did on impairment ratings, there was to be many more aspects of my injury to take into consideration(including ADL). I feel like I'm being played the fool so far!

    Today I spoke with the Chiropractor who initially worked on me 7 mo. ago. Getting help/advice from the VT WC Div. was like pulling teeth, so I thought I'd try him since I haven't chosen to seek a lawyers assistance.

    He recommended a Dr. that he said was very fair!?!
    He said if I disagree with the 5% since I am still in a lot of pain, I may want to get a second opinion(one that takes into consideration the side effects and ADL("average daily living") issues I face each day.)

    It was also mentioned that being at "Medical End" is common, and where most back injuries end up(this suprised me). If that is the case, I want to have a full and thorough examination/evaluation, which was definitely NOT done with the current Dr. There were favorable statement he made, but my entire rehab process was clouded by practitioners who were agrueing about my treatment and diagnosis. Plus, this Dr. was chosen by the WC Insur. CO.
    *I am able to pick my own Dr. now, so that is a good thing I suppose.

    As you can see, I am confused as so many people must be in this type of situation. I haven't notified the WC Insur. CO. about seeking a second opinion yet, I still deciding, and any input here would be well needed and appreciated.

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    Default Re: impairment rating questions for VT

    Whether it comes out higher or lower might not be as important as believing you got a fair evaluation. For your own peace of mind you should get another evaluation so later on you don't think you got screwed.e6wpb

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    Exclamation Re: impairment rating questions for VT

    Very True!
    I think thats what my gut has been telling me, thanks for your insight and thoughts.

    Once this is done, I'd like to be able to advise people here and in other forums. I feel like I could almost write a book about this process! All of my family lives in Europe accept for my immigrant parents, and everyone there would be appalled by this process. Its been 11 months for me now, and apparently thats not a long time!

    Any advice as to whether or not to seek a lawyers advice?(I was happy to discover that there is a financial cap on the lawyers earnings in regards to WC cases). My Union has had no advice, only to seek another evaluation, but not for legal assistance...I also don't qualify for Legal Aid here in VT since my monthly earnings come too close to the maximum!

    Thanks again.

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    Default Re: impairment rating questions for VT

    Probably the most important advice you'll be paying an attorney for is the name of a doctor for the second opinion. If you already have a doctor in mind that might be less helpful now.

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    Default P.S.

    The problems with workers comp are just an offshoot of the US's screwed up health system. It won't get any better until we fix the whole system for all citizens.

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    Exclamation Re: impairment rating questions for VT

    Hello again,

    Thanks to all who have viewed and replied, its nice to have some sort of support here.

    I have been notified by VT WC that the form 27 to discontinue TTD will be filed even though I have chosen to get a second opinion?

    Is this correct? Could it be that the VT WC doesn't know yet that I decided to have a second opinion?

    Since I have not yet accepted the 5% impairment rating, does that mean that they can still discontinue the weekly TTD payments?

    Better yet, if they do for now discontinue the TTD payments, I will qualify to get Legal Aid here in VT since its based on monthly income(I was $100 off!).

    As mentioned previously, I do have a Dr. in mind to do another evaluation, but I still want to know the law in regards to this entire situation. I suppose my goal is to compare my situation with peoples' past experiences. So much of what I read online doesn't always relate to what I'm going through.

    ***Sorry to ramble off, I just am so indecisive about how to handle this, I DON'T want to get screwed. I haven't even received proper care for my injury, and now they want to get me off their payments. I hate to admit this, but a lawyer sounds better each day. If I can get Legal Aid, its more like assisted advice, not some arrogant money-grubbing lawyer.

    Thanks again for reading, all comments are certainly welcome!

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    Default Re: impairment rating questions for VT

    If you are no longer recovering i.e. reached mmi then you are permanent and not entitled to temporary $$. If you are going to dispute their actions legally then you need an attorney.

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