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    Default Moving Out Of State While On Work Comp

    I really need to know if anyone can answer whether or not I can continue with my benefits and medical if I move out of the state of GA. I have an attorney, but she is out of the office for the weekend, this came up suddenly. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks so much for any info you can provide

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    Default Re: Need to move out of state will on work comp

    yes but if they have to file the required insurance reports.

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    Default Re: Moving Out Of State While On Work Comp

    going thru tha same thing now with my lawyer. my advice dont move til ur case is over trust me. Lot of dr's out of state wont accepr out of state workers comp. i wish i would had waited cause this sucks. If u never did anything in ur life dont move out of state til ur wc case is over. I learning that the hard way

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    Default Re: Moving Out Of State While On Work Comp

    I moved out of state from ga to nc and i havent missed a beat My weekly checks came through and I like my doctor alot more here.I was just released from my last doctor today.The only problem is I have to use a ga

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    Default Re: Moving Out Of State While On Work Comp

    It's best to start a new thread for your specific state comp questions/issues.
    This thread is from 2007... the op's questions are no doubt resolved by now.

    It is generally much more difficult to access treatment when moving out of state, the weekly benefits are not as likely to be affected, regardless of where you live.
    But out of state Dr/providers are not as quick to accept the IW as a patient. They have enough problems with their own state comp process let alone taking on they system of even a neighboring state.

    You are fortunate rwaisr for the ease you have experienced.

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