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    Question TTD After Termination

    Has anybody had or known about a case where a employee was fired ,then filed a WC claim after termination and pervailed in receiving TTD when the claim was denied?

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    You don't have to remain with the employer to receive comp benefits; it's not like health insurance.

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    Default TTD after termination?

    I have had a number of cases where the employee was terminated after being injured and not only have I been successful in getting the employee benefits, in some cases I have even gotten the employee 'unfired'. Generally speaking, unless the termination was due to the employee being on drugs when injured, should an individual have any percentage of disability and not be provided with work, then they are owed benefits... If you do not have an attorney, get one immediately. Good Luck

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    Yes, Hockey is right on the money. I was let go in February while still on WC. The insurance carrier decided not to pay TTD benefits, but my attorney fought it and got it back. And, now a second time, after I have reached MMI with restrictions, he had to go fight again, and go it reinstated again. Mind you, it really is horrible having to go 2-3 months w/o a check, but at least they get it all back minus the attorney fees.

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