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    Default Taking A Vacation While On Comp

    Some History:

    I'm going stir crazy. My lower back injury and symptoms are definate. My pain is tolerable as long as I don't agitate it too much. The few weeks of rest while on WC has certainly reduced the pain. Dr. has already said to expect, at the very least, several more weeks of WC. Dr. says that the potential of further agitation at work is too great since many of the activities at my work enviornment and my expectations are too great and most certainly will agitate the symptoms.


    My spouse has been required to travel out of town and be at a seminar for business. This happens to be an opportunity for me to relax and chill at the hotel/resort for a few days.

    Will the Dr. allow me to travel for this while on WC?

    Is it better to miss an appointment and reschedule or be upfront and explain the situation to the DR. and hope for consideration to travel and leave a little extra time in between appointments?

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    Arrow Re: Leave town for a few days while on WC?

    njwc, All I can tell you is what my attorney told me when I wanted to go out of town for a few days. Your injured your not dead!! Take a lot of breaks while driving to stretch and walk around in case you are being followed, stay within your restrictions, and have a good time. As far as your Dr. appt., I would tell them that you have to leave town for a few days and you need to re-schedule. I wouldn't get into details. If you miss an appointment without calling, you may be hurting your case. My attorney gave me this advice and I went, and nothing came of it. I had a great time relaxing and I think you should do the same ! Just my opinion, and I hope you have a great time!!

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    Default Re: Leave town for a few days while on WC?

    Yes, you can go on a trip. I have taken hubby on a couple trips while he has been out on WC.

    I do make a suggestion though plan on having your extra needed time for getting places i.e. if flying you and your wife might need to pad some extra time for getting to airport and gates. When I took mine on a flight I just had us leave at my normal time of getting there and too the gates, but he is much slower and was almost having us late. I do not blame him, just was a lesson that for furture when taking him we needed more time so he would not try to rush himself.

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    Exclamation Re: Leave town for a few days while on WC?

    Yes, go on a vacation! People don't realize that the injured need a break too!
    I would only suggest that you notify your doctor and as long as the doctor hasn't said to travel, go for it!

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