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    debi Guest


    I am from Connecicut and need help... I am trying to find the laws here, and cant seem to find any info.
    Can somebody help me?
    Can you do other work on WC to supplement what they give you?
    I use to freelance on top of my job, is that considered part of the payment of WC?
    Is the settlement they give you set in stone, or is that negotiable?
    Is there a site that has good info on workmans comp?
    Thanks...Debi in CT

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    sh Guest


    You can work as long as you notify them and it is within your restrictions. Discuss it with your doctor.
    For information on Connecticut's Work comp laws

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    driller Guest


    Hi Debi
    You can find some information here at this site. It seams most of the resources for you

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