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    Default New Member - Attention all Wisconsin Injured Workers

    Initially I posted this in the Wisconsin forum but found that most people are posting here - If you are from Wisconsin this pertains to you....

    Depending on where your injury sits this may be news to you.....


    In the state of Wisconsin it is allowable and legal for a workers comp insurance company to cut off your medical and financial benefits based ONLY on a piece of paper.

    If your insurance company contacts an IME (Independent Medicial Examiner), sends them your medical records, the IME can then write up a statement EVEN IF IT IS WRONG AND BASED ON THE WRONG FACTS, send this to your W/C insurance carrier and with that alone can cut your benefits off!!! This IME Dr. DOES NOT have to see you, does not have to touch you, does not have to have you visit his/her office, he does not even know what color your hair or eyes are, nothing! Yet they can cut you off.

    It does not matter what your Dr says, nor if you have specialists. In Wisconsin an insurance company can buy and pay for an IME to write up anything they want them to and then they can cut you off.

    BE PREPARED - It will then take you months, on top of months to get a hearing, more then likely over a year to get a hearing in front of a judge. IF you are lucky you may qualify for an expedited hearing, but thats only if your lucky and even then...that "expedited" hearing means nothing in the state of Wisconsin - It can take 4+ months to even get that. IF YOU QUALIFY. By the time you are done waiting for a hearing you could (and more then likely will...)be broke, homeless, desolate, in debt beyond your most imaginable nightmares, without proper medical treatment or medications and more.

    * Heard about a tie breaker Dr? Think again - you see them only after your hearing in front of a judge

    The workers compensation court system in Wisconsin is bogged down with claims that should be getting paid but based on a piece of paper from a Dr who has never even actually seen the patient/injured worker - that worker is forced to fight tooth and nail just to get in front of a judge. (As if they dont have enough to worry, take care of and think about....)

    This should be illegal and is an outrage!!!

    People in Wisconsin should be mad as h*ll and afraid. We need to contact our local and state reps. and get this changed. We need to make our voices heard. We need to get a law passed where insurance companies can not do this to people - Make them (the insurance companies) fight for a hearing before they can cut off the employee/injured worker.

    This is not a bogus or "exagerated" posting -This HAS happened to my husband and our family - we are living this nightmare - It has and will take us over a year since his initial date of injury just to see a judge. The statement from the IME is based on bogus facts. My husband is still injured and needs MUCH more treatment and at least one more surgery - He has FOUR Drs - 3 of which are specialist that confirm his injury YET everything I've listed above with the insurance companies and this allowable pratice has happened AND more to us.

    We need to do something here in Wisconsin - We can not stand still and remain silent - Would you want to be the next one living this nightmare? Could the next one be you, your husband, your sister or brother? We need to do something now and get this changed before one more person in this state is hurt by this unfair pratice.
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