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    help! I was injured on my job Jan. 10 2001 as of now I have had a disc remove (c5) and abone from my hip replacing the disc and a plate in screws,also same injury a rotator cuff tear and two spurs removed in shoulder which is still painful. I am still going to theraphy trying to regain motion in shoulder ,it has tried to freeze. I am on light duty with a weieght limit of 10 pounds max.and occassioally reaching with injured shoulder .my problem is the company I work for doesn't know the meaning of light duty and have me right back on the same job that I was injured on.Can I refuse this job if it is causeing pain I have not been released from the doctor yet and I can't lose my job for refusing the work .The company doesn't seem to care about lihgt duty as long as the work is out.Does anyone have a suggestion on what I should do? still in pain .all suggestions are welcome

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    Just this week I was told my my attorney that it is good to go to work and try and perform, that judges love seeing you try. I am quoting him here "If you can do 6 hours the first day do it and leave after, 4 hour the second do the same, if you only last an hour that's OK."

    This was for me with the IME report saying I could go back at full capasity and my doctors report saying I should never return to my choosen career.

    You have a doctors order for light duty, I do not believe you can be penalised if you have to leave. Remmember they can always terminate your job so you need to make the decision for yourself. Terminating you will not get them off the hook. If they show an unwillingness to comply to Dr.s orders the judge will see that. Rehabilitation back into the workforce is part of the WC system. Employers are not always compliant and form what I have read the ins. co. is then liable for the entire length that the claim can be processed.

    If you do not have an attorney it may be a good time to have a confernece with one, 1st. apts's are usually free.


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