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    My husband was hurt on the job here in Arkansas and then he was not only screwed around by our very own attorney but everyone involved - the Workman's Comp judge left the room while the other attorney spoke to ours and then our attorney convinced my husband that he had to resign from his job or return the check their attorney had given him - by the way the check didn't even cover the medical expenses they refused to pay but we had to accept or have our credit ruined with those outstanding bills! I wish I knew how to countersue for unethical practices on our attorney's part as I know what they did AFTER the court proceedings was not ethical or it would have been taken care of in the courtroom with the judge present!

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    You better get a better idea what job #1 is for many attorney before you make another wrong assumption.

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    Your right when the judge was not in the room it's not good for you. Your lawyer I bet was a female with 3 offices right? Thats why you did this at court and not over the phone with your lawyer. If your lawyer is a real lawyer when you went to court that day it would have been a done deal and the judge would have never leave the room.

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