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    anonymous Guest


    hello could anyone tell me how long it could for the judge to make a decesion if being denied workers comp.

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    anonymous Guest


    they usually rule pretty quickly, need time to go over medical and all that

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    james Guest


    i was hurt at work had 5 operstions and going for my 6th.i am recieving workmens comp but i really dont think i will be going back to my lawyer isnt helping me at all i have a very big scar on my arm and leg due to a skin graft.i want to relocate and dont know if this eill hurt my comp.i was hurt at work due to safety issue because of tne maintance dept.pls let me know what my rights are again my lawyer isnt telling me anything

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    mare Guest


    james, i don't know what to tell you, but if you contacted someone at comp's office and simply posed your question to them, they should be able to give you an answer about relocating. if you've gotten stuck with a bad lawyer...dissolve the contract with him, get your file and take it elsewhere. you need to do that eventually anyway, if you're planning to relocate. good luck! (p.s. i'll excuse this, but the politically correct term is 'workERS' compensation, not 'workMENS'...some of we injured workers are ladies!)

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