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    I have a cervical injury that occurred 8/97. Mri confirmed small hnp c5-6. It resovled with conservative treatment. In 4/04 the symptoms reappeared with severe pain, numbness etc. new MRI reveals increased disc and degeneration of disc. surg is now recommended. I have request my claim to be re opened. Is there a lump sum payment for this type of injury and surg..wchich will be a fusion?

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    could be but they'll have to agree to accept the new condition.

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    Why would you want to settle vs getting treatment?
    Unless you closed your claim, WC is supposed to be good for life if need be (as far as medical treatment goes). From what I have learned on this forum, if symptoms reapear at a latter date one must establish medical documentation of regular treatment. 7 yrs. is a very long hiatus in between symptoms.....the new problem will have to be recorded by a Dr as stating it is degenerative from the original injury. Unless you have visited a Dr every couple fo years concerning the original injury I believe you will run into problems with WC. They will claim that the injury could be caused by age ot by this or by that.

    You need an attorney if you are looking for any lump sum. They will be able to state your case best for you. But having the problems you described and wanting money vs treatment will raise alot of red flags.
    I wish you luck in your relief of pain

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