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    I am a social worker in Texas. I am working with a client who lives in South Texas and worked for a Texas company doing work in New Mexico. My client was injured at work. He reported this to his supervisors and there were witnesses to the injury. As per my client, he was taken to the doctor and was told this all would be covered by the worker's compensation. Now, he is being told his claim was denied because they cannot prove where the accident happened. My client is not receiving therapy he needs because the insurance company won't pay. He has consulted an attorney in Texas and was told he would need to find an attorney in New Mexico. They have repeatedly tried, as have I, to contact the claims representative but my clients have not been successful in this endeavor and do not know where else to turn. They are at their wit's end with no recourse in sight. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much

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    Have them contact the state bar in New Mexico
    or one of the legal websites:, findlaw, etc.

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    I was managing he food service at ST. Vincent's Hospital. On May 14, 2000 I had a 'slip and fall'
    accident in the deep freezer. I slipped on icy concrete. Flew 4 feet horizontally and landed on my left elbow, tail boan the flipped back on my head. The first 3 WC appointed PCP's are employed by the WC insurence company.
    I was in serious spinal condition and was going to have surgery on the cervical and lumbar regions of my spine. Then was sent to a pain psychologist who wrote a slanderous result of the MMPI-1 P-3 test. I took the psychologists info to the ethics board and was told I had an excellent 'Civil Case against him.
    I am preparing a 'bad faith' insurance and medical case for mediation against the hospital the WC company 'Hospital Services Corporation'.

    All medical treatment stopped in 2002. With advanced spinal degeneration, traumatic brain injury, chronic pain depression due to psychological and serious physical conditions chronic.

    March 14, 2003 MMI @ 17%

    July 14, 2004 IME/MMI @ 54% without brain injury, chronic pain and depression that was assigned to another PCP who abandonded me as a patiient instead of giving the points. This is a
    'Pattern of Practice' she uses.

    01.01.2006 SSDI-revoked early PCP's decisions and placed me on 100% permanent total disability.

    Does anyone know about 'adjustor points.?
    Such as:
    bumps and bruises x's 1
    surgery x'2 2
    Medications x's3
    Emotional pain and suffering x's 5
    Total Disabililty x' 6

    Late indemnity payments add 25%

    Loss of wages past and future

    Calculate continuing deterioration of spine and brain injury in the future?

    Told to use private insurance after the accident and not being iformed about WC for 3 months.

    Osha Rules not applied: no rubber matting on concrete flooring and no warning signs posted.

    Being mis-informed by the hospital and WC.

    Denied IME or 'Defence Medical Examination'

    Denied necessary medical and psychological care causally related to the accident.

    'Not being made whole'

    Loss of quality of life.

    Denied Total Permanent Disability

    Back pay for reduced indemnity payments. WC rules were not followed by HSC and SVH.

    Life time lost wages

    Financial reimbursement for time to learn workers rights and to prepare for hearing

    Assistance with retrieving Colonial Long Term Disability. First PCP, lied to Colonial Long Term Disability stating: She is faking pain, healthy and can return from heavy to sedentary duty.

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    no pain and suffering from employer on work comp injury; the benefits are fixed by law and civil suit for negligence not allowed.

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