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    When working with a case worker that is to pushy or one sided with the ins. co best interest only Whats the best steps in dealing with this person.

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    That can be a common problem. Yes the case workers are hired by the insurance company and your employer. So who's interest do they really protect? There are some good case workers and some well it is obvious who they really protect. If you have one with qestionable intentions you do have the right to see your doctor without the case worker in the room during any exam, and they can visit with the doctor after your exam. Conatact your Department of Labor and ask if you can request a new case worker as well as a copy of the Rules and Regualtions concerning work comp and your rights. This has all the laws concerning work comp as to what case workers, employers and you can and cannot do. The Department of Labor will furnish you with this book at no cost.

    If this case worker is to pushy and demanding and is not complying with the work comp rules. Write a letter or send an email to the Department of Labor, and the Divsion of insurance explaining the situation and request for help. They will tell you what your options are. If that fails contact a legal professional to see if your rights are being violated.

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