Hi I'm just curios if anyone else has had as much trouble with washington stae l and i as i have. I'm 21 years old and was hurt pretty bad at work I have had surgery and have been under a specialist care and been off work for one year. yeat my claim is at a stand still no voc rehab nothing my time loss has been on hold since january when my employer said I quit my job wich I didnt i had asked for a transfer a month before I got hurt then they said I quit my job when my doctor had me on total disabillity I have been on my own since I was young I was working to jobs and putting myself through school now because my timeloss was put on hold I had to move to another state i'm homless and my employer has completleyu descriminated me yet l and i favors them they offered me light duty work a month after I moved out of state and land i is saying I refused light duty work that my employer offered regardless that I had already moved out of state and they new that also the refused to offer light duty work for four months until my claims manager talked them in to it. why does l and i treat you like criminal when you are an injured worker I know there is fraud out there but I have had surgery and rehab and extensive physical therapy i have been on morphine for a year yet the still treat me like im faking my injury. any way just wondering if it is just me or if others have experinced the same things.