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    hello my name is stephenie iv delt with wv workers comp for 3 years now im getting ready to have another surgury this makes 3 on my shoulder i think i need a new doc im now trying to help my brother in law he hurt his back on the job 1 year ago he went back to work he drives a trash truck for waste management in martinsburg anyway now he is back off work since april the 6 and has gottin no check yet the first they told him to fill out the attending phyicians report wich he did then they said he had to fill out a reopening form so that was a week ago and the ouack doc still has not done it they keep giving him the run around this papper is the only thing stopping him from his check if you know anyone we could call he needs the help please let me know my email is thank you for any help

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    Contact West Virginia's Work Comp Division at 1-(800) 628-4265.

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