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    I have been diagnosed with ulnar neuropathy in both arms. The right is more bothersome than the left. My employer has denied my claim. I live in WI and the employer is self insured. Is there anyone that can provide me with some insight to what lays ahead?

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    Does your doctor think its work related? A lot of reptative injuries can effect the ulnar nerve. I have thoacic outlet syndrome and both the ulnar and median nerve are affected in my case.

    I would call your states work comp office and find out what they suggest. I believe you can file an appeal in which case a judge would look over the evidence and have the final say.
    They are hoping you will just take things at face value and go away without questioning them.
    When I first filed I called the state office. They told me that once a doctor told me it was work related and I advised my employer such; that he leagally had to make a claim on my behalf. I didn't understand that I could get benefits if I still worked. I actually paid for 6 months worth of treatment myself while continueing to deteriorate. My employer did not file a claim until I finally quit due to the pain. (I had been ordered off work by the doctor months prior)
    Your states office can give you guidelines and is sometimes easier that first going to a lawyer.

    good luck, I know whats its like to have your hands not work and have your forearms throb so much that you can't sleep. I am much better after tons of treatment but will never be 100%

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    Yes, my surgeon has determined that it is work related. I had someone to take pictures of me at my work station to show the doctor. Only because I could tell by the look on everyone's face they did not understand what I was telling them. After viewing the pictures the surgeon took me out of work and now I am waiting to schedule the surgery. The problem is that the employer had me evaluated by an IME and he said that the injury is non-work related and although I do have ulnar neuropathy it is something that I have had for some time. The real kicker is I have worked for this company for 24 years. Do I still have to prove to a ALJ that I was injured on this particular job that I am now doing? Thanks EDK

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    they're just playing games with you. If you've been at the same place for 24 years and it developed within that time you've won. Unless they can prove that you had treatment for it prior to ever working there. The court will appoint another IME if you (or your lawyer) files the proper paperwork to request it. In my case my lawyer had a doctor in mind. I had a really fair exam the second IME vs a 2 minute exam by wc's doc.
    Forgive my typos, was surprised when I reread yesterdays post; fingers do not always go where I think they are.
    If you do not have a lawyer I would really consider getting one. They've shown they are going to play hardball. Thats when I retained one, after they stopped treatment. Its still frustrating but at least someone that knows the system is looking out for me.

    WC IMEs always say your fine and always say you can go back to work. Unfortunately their are whores in every line of work.
    good luck

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    I thought it was a fluke that I was only examined for 2 minutes by the IME. I guess it happens all the time. Thanks for your help. At least now I know what I'm up against. Oh, and don't worry about the typos I understood everything you said

    You've been a BIG help.

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    I also was checked by an IME for less than 5 minutes and decided that I was fit to go back to work. I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. I tore my rotator cuff on the job. Now they are saying that I had a pre-existing. Also prior to surgery they gave me a salene block and it caused a pulmonary embolus which caused doctors to panic in the ER so they had to do cautherazation all this trauma caused RSD. In the meantime because of pain day and night I have developed depression, anxiety/panic attacks, suicidal tendencies. They have tried several pain medications. One, Oxycotin caused my chest wall to freeze and I had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. I have been to hell and still waiting for them to decide my faith. I have lost everything. Why is the system like this? Why should I have to fight to survive not only physically, mentally but also for some financial stability. We lost all our money in order to pay $1,400.00 a month for health insurance. Now I have GAMP. I wish I would have known that before. It is like socialized medicine. At least I get free meds, free doctors, free psychiatrist but no income. We live on a fixed income of $1,000.00. It took my husband and I 20 years to save for a little retirement fund and in less than two years it is all gone. Why would these people who make judgemen on us think that we continue to put up with experiments that doctors do on us for what? I was a good worker, excellent with people now I am so isolated because my panic attacks don't even allow me to think about going somewhere like shopping or being with a lot of people. I panic and run home. I stay at home a lot. Unfortunately we just sold our home to pay for our bills. We are being taken in by my children. Does the state care? Does that doctor who decided that there is nothing wrong with me sleep at night. I know there is a GOD and justice will be mine. Even if I loose I know that I am in God's hands.


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