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    dolphina2003 Guest


    Claim accepted under UEF, employer had no WC Ins. Initially, L. shoulder/neck pain at the time of injury. Now, injuries aggravated old rR. shoulder injury from years ago, also work related but different employer. Dr says I need surgery for the R. shoulder. Dr says this is a new injury but secondary to the L. shoulder/neck pain. The UEF is denying the surgery even after Dr says that I need it for my other injuries to get better. No healing plateau has been reached and they have now cut off my wage benefits. So far though, the UEF has paid for all medical bills(all Dr bills) related to my R. Shoulder, even the expensive $2300.00 MRI. I dont understand. Advise please!

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    sh Guest


    Appeal the denial of the right shoulder to the WCAB.
    You seem to agree with the UEF that it's from an injury with another employer. If you can get a doctor to agree, you can file against them.

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    p,s. Guest


    Dolphina, are you under wisconsin comp laws?

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    dolphina2003 Guest


    I'm sorry but you misunderstood. I said that I had a R. shoulder injury at work many years ago under a different employer. My doctor is calling my R. shoulder injury a new injury and that the work accident I had 6 months ago is directly responsible. The fact that I had a injury to my R. shoulder years ago the doctor is saying is not related. The UEF is just flat out denying the surgery. Even though the doctor has related this diagnosis and such, they choose to still dispute it. So, what is the WCAB?

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    dolphina2003 Guest


    As a matter of fact, yes, I am under Wisconsin Comp Law. Why do you ask?

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    sh Guest


    Terms like UEF and WCAB are not common to wisconsin comp law. The legal arm is the LIRC (Labor and Industry Review Commision).
    To what does "WCAB" refer to?

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    dolphina2003 Guest


    UEF refers to the Uninsured Employer's Fund and the abbrev.. WCAB refers to the Worker's Compensation Appeals Board, I found out. To answer your question concerning the latter, it was initially derived from your initial response to me. You were the one to come out with the abbrev.. term: "WCAB"!
    Go back up and scroll, you will see.

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    gg Guest


    Re - Dolphina:

    First, you can call 608-266-1340 to request an application for hearin.

    Second - Your email address scares me.

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    sh Guest


    yes, I see my confusion. Too many different posts on the same thread. Stuff from Ohio, connecticutt, and social security all on this wisconsin thread.
    You should appeal the UEF decision to the LIRC. Make them defend the decision before the court. You can get more information here
    next time or if a new question start your own thread so we can keep same info together.

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    dolphina2003 Guest


    thx 4 the info!

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