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    I need to know how the state of Kansas figures their percentages for full body back injury of the L5-S1 Ridiculopathy and a total knee replacement. I am still having problems after 3 1/4 years. My lawyer has not seen that I have received a copy of workman's comps medical files which I see by the Department of Labor laws that I have a right to obtain. Anyone out there that can help me please do so. I was injured while working in the summer in Kansas. I am from another state and I have to work long distance with a lawyer. This has been frustrating and time consuming as I have had to find out my rights on my own. Please help!!!

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    when treatment is done you will get a whole body impairmnet rating based on the American Medical Association guidelines. Your back will be worth something and so will your knee if the injuries have permanent restrictions.

    according to those restrictions you will then be entilted to up to $100,000. KS has a cap and of that amount your TTD that was recieved is subtracted.

    Lets say your whole body injury is 10%...but that your restrictions no longer allow you to do the job that you have held for the last 15 years (minimum time) you would then be entitled to the entire maximum amount. If Your restrictions only allow you to perform 1/2 your job then they use a formula and come up with a $$ amount. If it was a summer job that you know longer do, well I'm unsure how that goes. My lawyer has used the words "livleyhood & held for 15 years" often in our conversations.

    You need to be rated by a doctor when you're at maximum medical improvement and you need a functional capacity exam to show any physical restrictions. After those 2 things you will be able to determine how much it affects your job and how much you are entitled to.

    Hope I helped, as you stated the info the lawyers release is limited.

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