i WAS INJURED IN Oregon in 1987 and 1989, I last had a hearin in nov of 1996, at which time I was awared, a reintatment to 33 or 36% unscheuealed disability, and now after at least 5 years I have no open claim I was told that after I had. my last hearing and after five years they would settle mu claim, I called my old attorney and he said my claim was closed, and I said ok as I was tired of dealing with them anyway. but I found out through a co-worker (I am on ssa disability) as I can not work at all now @ age 55 all due to my back injuries, when or will Oregon close my case and do a permant schuele of disability,? I have never received more than maybe 6000.00 dollars for both surguies and for losing work, I move to california to get away from all the stress of the, company it was CIGA workmans compensatation company can you help me at this late date?