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    I don't see a Canadian post so, here goes. It's just as bad in Canada. In some provinces such as BC it can be worse in many ways. Injured worker websites formed because of suicides caused by WCB hatred and inhuman treatment of workers. Fraud is rampant and flaunted. Governments whitewash everything. They tell all injured workers that the compos are crown corporations and at arms length of government interference. Yet they can legislate changes at the blink of an eye now that the pressure is on by big business. Problem is, changes are to screw workers and create more power for comp workers. Six figure incomes and severence pays are common at Canadian WCB's. In BC they work one minute per day overtime for "paid days off." In BC according to government documents, Comp workers have over 20% of their staff on stress leave at any given time. Yet they do not recognize stress leave for the workers that they are supposed to assist. It exists for them but not for workers and injured workers can't get support for documented devastating injuries. I've seen it all. Been injured for 12 years. Compo falsified records. I proved it. Made no difference. Employer did same. I proved they faked work records, times and dates. Made no difference. Fought invasion of privacy against compo. (Pictures) I won. Made no difference. Testified in length at Royal Commission and at Provincial Ombudsman investigation. Everything whitewashed by government along with everyone elses testimonies. I fought fake doctor reports which were documented and proven as fake. I prove doctor fraud. College of Physicians and Surgeons say fraud doctor is entitled to his opinion. Fraud is an opinion? In Canada, apparently it is. I was phoned and threatened by senior compo rep. British Columbia government investigates. Whitewash. My word against his they say. I saw another injured worker suicide attempt. Life support ambulance etc. Cops asked me why. I told them BC compo. They said they understood. Were very familiar with WCB crap. So were the paramedics. Ambulance called for me few years later. Paramedics asked if I was under stress. While on oxygen and thinking I was dieing, I said YES. WCB! They said they understood. Everyone knows about compo fraud system so maybe time is coming for change? Maybe not. I have even seen a WCB document on using sodium pentathol. (Truth syrum) This is a fact and is in WCB document form. If anyone ever cared in Canada, we might get them a copy. But no one cares in government nor in the press. Faked and reworded conversations, fake appeal hearing, fake inter-office conversations. Clerk overrules all specialists. This is the norm. My nuerologists are recognized as the absolute best in Canada (perhaps the world?} Doesn't matter. Compo clerk knows more than them. I won my appeal finally. Took 11 years. In Canada you often can't win your appeal. Compo just says sorry we don't agree. Appeal again if you dare.

    Don't let anyone tell you Canada is a great country. The government screws the poor and injured daily. I've sold all of my assets. My kids know poverty that they never should have known so how do governments see compos as a good thing. Flood gate and welfare for illegal immigrants and boat people. Possible terrorists. They let them go and they disappear never to be seen again. But no help or welfare for Canadian citizens. In BC very hard to be classified as disabled to obtain welfare. BC wants to force disabled to work or starve or die. Third world mentality in Canada government. Canada is penny wise pound foolish government and is a dictatorship. They are for the rich and for themselves and big business. The highest paid civil servant in Canada is CEO of Ontario WCB. Rest of the provinces WCB's get tons of blood money also. So, as I see it. No doubt that governments compete to attract big business. They then hide the problem with massive propoganda and fake opinion polls such as polling injured workers on satisfaction of claims. Over 90% satisfaction in Canada. What a bunch of crap. Enough venting. Internet is making a difference. Injured workers groups are a thorn in governents sides that will never go away. Keep it up. Never let these jerks win. Try to prepare for the bad and take the bad when it comes day by day. Try to remember that some days won't be as bad. Try to remember how bad times were (before your injury) such as unemployment, but it became better. Hopefully the good will come sooner than later. A lot of people are fighting right now. Maybe advertising blitz needs to be formed. Possibly inter-country? Silence of the press hard to fight. This is a war. Some wars take a while to win. Good luck to everyone. I hope for closure for all soon.

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    Couldn't have said it better my self. I would be on the streets RIGHT now, if it where not for friends and family. F**k WCB AND THE GOVERNMENT!

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    Quote Quoting JesseLetz View Post
    Couldn't have said it better my self. I would be on the streets RIGHT now, if it where not for friends and family. F**k WCB AND THE GOVERNMENT!
    I feel your pain. I got laid off from my job in 07-2007 and worked for myself for three months barely making it when work was slow. I finally got a job at the company I broke my ancle at. I worked for six weeks and things were beginning to look up for us, then, suddenly I got hurt and we were back at the point of starvation and being on the street. If it were not for a good friend of mine that had an empty house my wife and I would have been rejected. STAMP: !!REJECTED!! Thats the truth. Hang in there.
    I have been doing Georgia Workers' Compensation for a little more than 6 months now. I am not a lawyer but I have been doing paralegal work for more than 9 years now and I am familiar with Georgia and Federal Statutes. I am wiling to help anyone that posts a question in general from any state; however, I can quickly and accurately quote Ga law for anyone dealing with WCC in Ga. Please post your Ga WCC on the Injured Workers Forum for Ga if you have a claim in this state or need to file one.

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