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    In Sept. 2003 I changed jobs with the same company, (from cashier to stocker; lifting heavy battery boxes). About 3 months later my right leg started to get numb all the time, then I started getting low back pain. In March 2004 I finally gave in and went to the DR. I was told I have 2 ruptured disk in my lower back. The only way I could have done that kind of damage to my back is continually lifting those heavy boxes.(I thought I had a blood clot and thought that was the reason for the numbness) My question is can I file workmans comp even though I can't prove it is work related?

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    Twhether it's work caused is up to a doctor.
    You can file but whether it'll be accepted or denied will depend on medical documentation.

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    You'de be surprised at just how easy one can slip a disk(s). All I did was bend over to retreive a pen that had fallen and WHAM! I havn't been right since.Good Luck!

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