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    You all are scaring me! I live in Tn. I hurt my right shoulder lifting a steel fixture. I have been with this company for 5 years. I have never filed workmans comp in my life and I am 46 yrs old. I reported my injury a week and a half ago. I went to see my normal doctor and she took XRAYS and said something is definitely wrong. She tried to set an appt with a OS. My work has not filed the claim yet. Because my doctor cares, she is keeping me on pain meds, which I hate to take, but have no choice because of the pain. How long do they have to file the claim? I am very dissapointed in these UN-Actions by my employer. It says alot about how much they care about the welfare of their employees.

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    you can report the injury directly to the carrier. they are required to post the information on their work comp carrier.

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