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    angela Guest


    My father has worked for Ford Motor for 30 years
    about two yrs ago a garage type door feel on his
    head! He got paid some money by the company.
    He found out he had some broken bones in his
    back due to the injury. My father is 51 but
    sometimes he walks like hes 105 because of
    the pain he is in. He cant work like he used
    to. He really wanted to come out on medical
    He knew there was nothing he could do at work
    but get this Ford said NOOO!!! come back to work
    my dad really wanted to have a back operation.
    The Doctor at Ford said all you need is therapy
    with limit work. SO he went back to work and
    while working his back blew out he droped down to
    the floor. He was admitted to the hospital
    once he got out the Hospital he tried to file workmen comp and was told by the lady over that
    department at Ford NO SIR!! you have filed three
    times and im not going to let you file again.
    Each time its been ligitimate and they all know
    it. Can Ford Motor Company really do this
    please if you know let us know.

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    sg Guest


    There is no limit to the number of claims or times you can file for work comp. Your father should contact your state work comp board and file directly with them.

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