I am/was a professional truck driver,. In March 2005, I feel in a truck load of scrap steel and broke both elbows. Had to have surgery and had radial heads in both elbows removed. I have been released from doctor's care with very strict work limitations and can never return to my vocation as a truck driver. I hire a lawyer and she has been trying very hard to get a settlement, but thus far not very good results. NOw the insurance comapny alone with my employer are trying to force me into accepting a position at a very much lower pay. JOb requires that I do nothing but stand and walk a little. It is a expediter position direxcting traffic, but in job description it sasy I cannot climb, cannot twist, bend or stoop, reach abocve shoulder level, cannnot operate a motor vehicle, cannot pull or push, cannot use finger movements, cannot lift any weight at all. How am I supposed to direct traffic traffic without thew use of my arms? I am being order to return to work wearing steel toe shoes which my doctors release sasy I cannot tie my own shoes. Is thsi a ploy to protect the insurance comapny and maaybe prevent them from having to pay for my permanent disabilities. As it is late on Friday night and I cannot contact my lawyer for advice I have decided not to report for this job. Am I right or wrong in thsi decision.